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Eery parallels

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The Holocaust

So every since I can remember I've had this thing (I'm not sure what you'd call it) with the Holocaust.  Maybe it has something to do with my paternal grandmother's first language being Polish or my curiosity about how any civilization can mass murder, but I've written book reports on various parts of the Holocaust and have watched way to many documentaries even though I've never been to the museum. 

My biggest thing is figuring out why.  Or rather trying to learn how it all started. 

Nazism began sometime around World War I and grew on the political front thereafter.  The party ideology was to strengthen Germany and Germanic pride.  Call it patriotism.  The Nazi's believed that capitalism was something derived by the Jews and communism by the Slavs and therefore not German.  They weren't facists per say but rather felt that levels of government should be run by experts.  It was totalitarian. 

After WWI, Germany was in economic decline.  A pragmatic leader ran as president of Germany for the Nazi party.  Hitler played to the strengths of the party and appealed to the common worker and lower class.  He also was able to play on anti-semanticist which was rampant during this time period.  He blamed the Jews for the economic down-turn and later the Nazi's played into the common false conspiracy-theory that Jews were out to control the world and were using capitalism to aid them.

He lost the election but emerged as a likely candidate for the appoint of chancellor, which after much urging he was appointed.  Before long Hitler was able to wade through the budding democratic process and eliminate any form of parliament and appoint himself as head.

Some people think from then on Jews were loaded up on cattle cars, gassed/slaughtered, and then sent to large crematoriums immediately.   But that didn't start happening for 5 years at least.  No, the process to eliminate Jews was a slow and more digestible one.  Jews were stripped of their privileges.  They were forced to wear stars, register, have curfews, and how to practice business.  Jews could only have shops for Jews and only Jews could patron at Jewish-run shops.  Eventually Jews were rounded up into large ghettos where they spent roughly a year or more depending until they were sent to camps.  And even then the camps were tucked away in remote areas so that people were either completely unaware or decided to remain blind to the atrocities. 

No the Holocaust didn't immediately happen over night.  It was systematic with the Nazi's making concessions and agreements then slowly breaking them left and right.

Eerily Similar

What's fascinating to me is the parallels of Nazi Germany to the United States.

We've also emerged from war and are in the midst of an economic depression.  Riding on it's coat tails is anti-Catholic sentiment.  We are called anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-science just to name a few things.  Like the propoganda of Nazi Germany, groups like Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, and some liberal media outlets paint a nasty caricature of orthodox Catholic politicians, clergy, and businesspersons.  

I've even heard tell on my own blog that the Catholic church's little conspiracy is to rid the world of all forms of birth control, choice of any kind, and leave women essentially barefoot and pregnant.  Just like the theory that the Jews were trying to take over the world, our own presidential election churned out a "War on Women" to which we must be the "enemy." 

The whole things makes me sick.

But the parrallels don't end there anymore.  Now Catholic businesspersons and even IRS-recognized Catholic organizations are being defined and told how to practice business.  What makes me queasy is the definition of Catholic-sponsored charities is that they must serve the majority of Catholics and be operated by Catholics. 

There are voices of reason, shouting loudly just like Nazi Germany. 

And fortunately our government is far more stable.  It gives me hope that many businesses/organizations are able to sue and get stays. 

I'm not trying to paint Obama as Hitler nor do I see myself wearing a prison uniform with a crucifix sown on the front.  But history is repeating itself and people need to wake up and see that their liberties are being stripped away.  They need to see the anti-Catholic sentiments and they need to not turn a blind eye.  Because I never thought it would go this far, but it has.  So it makes me wonder where exactly will it end.

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