Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It won't help...much

I'm all for doing something about gun control.  While living in Tucson, my neighbor, who admitted that he was a convicted felon, was put on probation.  Apparently he went to a gun show and bought an antique rifle.  He was pulled over (I'm guessing he was drunk at the time.  Not the brightest of gents was he.).  The officer noted the rifle and arrested him because felons aren't allowed guns. 

Later he ended up getting drunk and pulling a knife on his girlfriend and her family.  Hubby and another neighbor heard the commotion and ended up holding the door shut until the police arrived.  Where my not so bright neighbor made an attempt to get away on the stairs while they had him handcuffed. 

So while I think it's good that Obama wants to close the loop holes in gun shows in order to enforce laws that prevent convicted felons like my Fry-short-of a Happy Meal neighbor.  I really think it will do little to curb acts of aggression like Columbine or Tucson's shooting that happened later.

Because....Adam Lanza stole his guns from his mother's legally owned weapons.

Luke Woodham also got his gun from his mother (I'm not 100% sure of this but that's my understanding...I know he took her car.)

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold bought guns from individuals even though it was illegal for them to do so because they were underage.

Michael Carneal stole guns from both his parents and his friend.  Being that he was 14, he could not legally own a gun.

Jared Loughner, James Holmes, and Seung-hui cho all purchased their guns legally.  Currently there's no laws (with the exception of New York) that bans the mentally unstable from gun ownership.

My point is that no matter what you do to try to cover all your basis about preventing people from acquiring guns there is always the possibility that they will get ahold of one simply because they are out there.

I once had a skeezy boy friend who altered his gun (that he legally owned) so that it was made full automatic even though at the time it was illegal to alter the loading mechanism.

My friends, it's the guns themselves that one needs to deal with.  If we limit the type of weapon, the type of magazine, and even the type of bullets then that curbs the problem.  The reason why Jared Loughner was stopped was because in the act of trying to reload his gun he was jumped.

There is no reason an ordinary citizen needs an assault rifle.  What are you going to use it for anyway?  Sport?  Hunting?  Self-defense?  All it takes is one bullet.

Not to mention that our mental health system is horrible.  We turn out people with mental health issues all the time.  Think  about it.  You're only allowed so many counseling session per your insurance carrier.  There are very few resources out there for family members to fall back on when their loved ones have mental illness.  But I'll save that rant for another day.

So I still think we're a long way from a solution.  And while I believe that the 2nd Amendment was meant for good (so was the least we don't have to feed and quarter the military..but nobody's arguing over that one these days).  Our forefathers did not have high powered assault rifles with laser pointed scopes.  They had black powdered muskets that used soft lead balls.  It required more time to ready those things than it does to release on clip and insert another.  Just something to think about.

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  1. That's harsh, regarding mental health treatment. I agree with your point about the 2nd Amendment. Good thinks. Glad we don't have too many gun problems over here.


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