Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So the box that I mailed myself arrived early.  When I went to get it from the office, the desk lady told me it was heavy.  "Oh, I know.  I mailed it to myself."  "Why did you do that?"  she looked puzzled.  "Well because it cost the same as the cost of suit case and this way I don't have to deal with...."  I think she thought that I literally went to the local post office and sent it to myself rather than be in another city and posted it back home.  But that's okay.  I also mentioned that it's common thing to do now since most airlines charge for checked luggage.  Another lady in line was also posting a box back to herself.  The postal lady told me. 

If you choose parcel mail and not priority mail, it's cheaper.  The charge you by size and weight and usually it arrives in about the same amount of time.

My children are funny.

HB has been telling me that I need to "get out" and "go to my bed".  He's sending me to my room.  He even told Hubby to go to his room this morning.  Not sure what's causing this.  But he says it with a smile.  He's not really serious about it, but he does catch our infractions and tells us about them.

One of the things that worries me about having boys is autism.  For those of you, autism has nothing to do with how smart you are or your iq.  I've known autistic children who potty train easier than "normal" children because they like the routine.  And cognitively they know stuff.  No, autism is a largely social disorder that affects things like communication.  Autistic children, to reiterate, are smart.

Autism is higher among boys.  So naturally I await the milestones...does the baby look at me when he nurses?  does the 6month old respond to his name?  does the 10 month old wave?  That sort of thing.  Because if there are clear signs that social issues aren't being followed with well....

Thankfully neither child has showed any signs of autism.  We can pretty well scratch off HB having it.  Knee is still young. 

Today he surprised me.  When Hubby was about to put him to bed, he told Knee to say goodnight to his brother.  You have to understand that this has been the norm since Knee's birth.  We've always encouraged HB to say goodnight and give him a goodnight air kiss.  I've also encouraged him to do the same when I drop him off at school (although it's less obvious most of the time he gets so occupied).  Anyway...lately Knee will wait for HB to say goodnight and give the kiss.  But this evening when Hubby said "say goodnight" Knee took the initiative and started giving kisses.

In other words, he's hit one of his major milestones:  following a single direction.  And thus I worry less about autism.  Course the doctors are going to annoyingly ask if he talks.   He communicates just fine non-verbal.  And he babbles.  And he understand directions.  Why do they get anxious about talking?

Now if I could Knee to sleep longer and finally cut those awful teeth, life would be bliss.  But I'm still thankful that he's a "normal" healthy boy.

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