Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Poop Report

Yesterday was interesting...HB had an accident in the car.  And then pooped at school.  But they ended up putting his trainers on inside-out.  I've since put masking tape directions explaining that vinyl goes on the front.  The trainers (we have only four) I picked up at Good-Will.  And really we don't need anymore.  If we do, I'll just whip up a few.  But they're for trips out and about and for school. 

Knee also pooped.  I don't get it; but does anyone else's children have simultaneous pooping?  I initially thought that it had something to do with being at home together.  But Knee pooped at the library around the same time HB pooped at school. 

And I embarrassed myself.  I had just changed him when a little girl said that he smelled.  I just ignored it.  It wasn't until a kind grandma told me it was coming out the back that I had to scoop him up and take him to the bathroom.  In the process it landed on my shoe.  My nice shoes.  And naturally I forgot to pack wipes. 

But then today was a nice turn-around.

HB went and peed on the toilet all himself.  He just simply told us and then went or if needed to he'd go sit.  Poop on the other hand seems to be his nemesis.  I give him credit though.  Pee is more frequent and has more chances to work on.

He did have one accident when waking up from nap in his diaper.  But that's to be expected.

He also made it on our long walk without any soilage.  :)

HB is doing really well for having been sorta forced into this whole thing since Saturday.  And I realize that school is a different situation so it's to be expected that he has problems.  Especially since poop is so difficult for him to control (apparently). 

But at least now I can set up a brigade of absorbent materials in front of his potty since he still occasionally forgets to...uh hum... tuck.  And I don't have to worry about pee covering every square inch of the carpet anymore. 

So it's progress right? 

I'm so looking forward to next week when we have fewer and fewer incidents.

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