Monday, January 7, 2013

The Weekend Recap

I can't remember much of Friday.  Usually by the end of the week I'm tired from the long week.  The long nights staying up and doing house-related junk like clipping coupons or working HB's birthday party.  It's worse now because Knee is teething.  He finally cut one tooth so we have one more to go and then hopefully it will peaceful for a little while.

What I do remember is Friday evening a fellow blogger posted that she was interested in going to see Les Miserables, and if anyone in the area was interested since she'd have to go on her own. 

Now Hubby had made previous plans with a friend who then was slowly backing out of the.  Said friend said that he had some abstracts to work on.  So Hubby devised a way for me to go meet my blogger friend. 

That evening I messaged her back, but tired and running out of energy I went to bed early.

The next day, Saturday, I was all a-buzz.  We went to Hobby Lobby and got stuff for HB's birthday party.  It's a Blue's Clues theme.  They had a paw print cake pan and some blue party supplies.  We also went into Chinese R um...I mean Toys R US and got him something for his birthday.  It's a train set and some legos.  We're moving up in the world now and a lot of his toys bore him to tears because they are for younger kids.

And then the evening came and I pulled out my handy dandy....GPS and we met at a half-way point.

Let's just say Les Mis is good.  It's really really good.  I love Hugh Jackman.  My blogger friend shared a link to an article on it and of course Jackman's transformation.

I warn you it's mostly singing.  It's based on the musical and less on the book that the previous film focused on.  My husband referred to it by a derogatory name so if you're not into that sort of thing you may want to skip it.

But I will say the film does a great job with the religious aspects and redemption part of the story.


Then after the movie we hunted around for coffee, neither of us familiar with that part of town, and ended up at a Denny's.  We stayed up way to late chatting away and then departed.  It was nice to meet up with a blogger and make a friend.

The next morning, I was completely off, and spent Sunday scrambling to get back on track.  At one point I came back home with breakfast to find Hubby holding Knee on the diaper changing table and begging for help with an exploding diaper.  I ended up going to the later Mass (later for me anyway).

And that was my weekend, how was yours?

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