Monday, January 28, 2013

When God Closes a Door...

1) HB pooped in the potty.  And none of it ended up on the floor.  All I can say is Awesomeness!

2) Tomorrow is HB's birthday.  Obviously he's turning three.  The picture in the banner above is him at his 1st birthday party covered in cake.  At the time, he was bald (essentially), toothless, and unable to walk.  This all changed about a month later.  We're having his 3rd birthday party this weekend.  It looks like I picked the perfect weekend for it too.  It's supposed to be 76 F (24 C) and no rain chances.  This past weekend it was a torrential downpour all Saturday.

3) I made him a birthday present for tomorrow.  He has toys presents to open at his party, but I did something nice for his true special day.  I bought him some Crayola Dry-Erase crayons (they come with a bag that you can also use to wipe) and printed off some pre-writing pages.  Then I used clear contact paper and adhered it to the pages so that they're double sided and reusable.  You can also laminate if you have a laminator.  This concept can also be used for special coloring pages.  The crayons are made in Mexico.  The contact paper was made in the US.

4) Prayers for Cam and her son Patrick.  He's been having food allergies and he's breastfed.  It's become so bad that the pediatrician has referred them to an allergist (and I'm assuming recommending a dietician as well). 

5) Prayers for Considerer and Husby as well.  The fertility clinic won't offer them treatment because of infertility.  So they've been referred for counseling.  Stranger things have happened though.  My MIL's sister had a miracle baby, and I've known a few other relatives who adopted to later found out that they were pregnant after being told it was impossible.  All we can do is cleave to God.

In her deep anguish, Hannah prayed to the Lord weeping bitterly.  1 Samuel 1:10

6) The rosary group I was a part of for while, I kinda lost contact with them, sent me an e-mail.  Truth be told it was an awkward fit.  Most of them had older children as well as little ones and have lived in the area for a long time.  I felt like an intruder.  But I persisted for a while and then dropped off when the holidays and colds rolled around.  But they contacted me today and said that they missed me.  Hummm....

7) Tiffany asked what people were giving up for Lent.  I thought about the whole foods diet, but then Hubby didn't like the idea.  So that killed that.  Watching others eat junk food while you can't even use mayo unless you take the time to make it...I would have caved.  Instead I figure that in addition to a meatless Friday, I was also go meatless Wednesday.  It's still far healthier.  It also doesn't hurt that my Kindle now has a ton of cookbooks for vegetarians including slow cook recipes.  The last few years I've been doing the same boring dishes.  What are your favorite veggie recipes?

And I'm also stealing Tiffany's Lenten practice from last year (I hope you don't mind).  Outside of the news and children's programming, the only thing I'll be watching is religious movies and reading religious books.  Don't worry, I think of blogs as being religious as they also inspire. 

8) Yesterday and today I made many attempts to get laundry detergent for 99 cents, but that panned.  But I did save 52 percent of my grocery bill (probably more since I'm not counting Walmart's trip) of my bill with coupons.  I bought a ton of stuff, but only paid what our normal weekly grocery budget is.  3 bottles of mustard=free, 2 cans of rotel tomatoes= free.  My Walmart bill was 22 dollars (roughly) and my Fry's was 80 something.  I've never been a sports fan before but I'm starting to appreciate the Super Bowl as it's saving me money (in the long run and with HB's party bill).

9) I've tried and failed at reading the Bible and Catechism in a year.  I've decided that my problem is I'm trying to start a habit and not breaking it up in to more digestible size small goals.  So...the Bible App on my Kindle has different reading plans that last from a couple days to 40 days or so.  I figure I can start with the Gospels (month long) and then the Epistles and so on and so forth.  The same with the Catechism start with some more of the applicable stuff and read different headings instead of straight through.  Hopefully I get back on track.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Thanks. Hope HB's party goes well. Great that he's progressing, toilet-wise.


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