Monday, January 21, 2013

When Poop Hits the Floor

Today I felt the most productive as a parent..more relaxed maybe.  I played telephone games with my youngest.  In other words he pretended to have a phone, would answer it, and tell me "hi" or "hey".  My oldest is working hard at the potty.  The last time he went completely on his own.  He simply sat down and went.  Problem was like most men...uh hum...he needed to do more than simply sit down.  And so naturally he had a little puddle outside the toilet before I could go and help assist him in these sitting matters.

In case your worried...I have a coupon for a carpet cleaner that as soon as things improve will use with much gusto.  Right now I'm simply scrubbing as best as I can.  You see outside the bathrooms and kitchen then entire place is carpeted.  Hubby wants to remove the baby gate in one of the bathrooms but that leaves the children having access to the cat box...not good.  I don't think I could safely move about the house without worrying that my 13 month old isn't using it as a sand box.  So I tend to keep the potty more accessible in the carpeted areas unless I'm taking HB to the potty with me.  HB at least knows that it's the cat's toilet.

Now you're probably asking why not teach him to stand.  Well first I'm trying to get him to the toilet.  Adding another layer of aiming down and standing up against it, at this point is not appealing.  Fortunately, I haven't the equipment to teach him that anyway so I leave that in dad's corner to do when HB has fewer accidents and seems more comfortable going on his own.

But the rest of the day was interesting, particularly during the Inaugural Address where my child tries (and fails) to head the potty to poo.  I can completely empathize.  Even as a grown adult (especially while sick) I have on occasion tried my darnedest to make it and failed.  Fortunately I had pants to help me (most of the time).  He doesn't like it when that happens.  So for the whole day I think anytime he farted he wanted to go sit on the toilet.  He'd tell me he'd have to poop, but then he didn't actually need to go.  Poor kid.

So while trying to defuse the poop on the floor situation, I only heard snippets of Obama's speech but it was enough to worry me.

I used to not care about the gay marriage thing so much.  I figured if they wanted to step into it then let them.  It wasn't going to effect me or would it?

It wasn't until asking a lot of questions on the internet that I realized two things:  1) priests/ministers are both religious officiants and officiants for the state.   All anyone would have to do is sue one of them for violating their rights as gays because the person refused to act as a member of the state.  Never mind that the ministers were religious figures.

2) This would open up gay couples with all sorts of rights.  Not just financial ones, which doesn't bother me really.  But the rights to adoption.  Which can in turn force religious adoption agencies to violate their own conscious or shut down.  This has already happened.  And violate the rights of children to have the best parenting option available.  You see studies have shown that children living with two heterosexual parents is the most ideal situation.  And I can't refute the science.

My children are already anomalies. They are 1) alive and 2) with two married heterosexual parents.  Statistically there are more children in single families or divorced families than married.  (Statistically there are 40.5 percent of all children are born to unwed mothers.)

It's pitting religion with gay rights.  And religion is starting to loose.

So it is affecting me.

So when Obama says for the first time ever in an Inaugural Address that he has an interest in the rights of gays without any mention of the rights of religious person well...all I can say is "Oh, Poop!"

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  1. When you get to it (you've probably heard this already) a ping-pong ball in the toilet will help as a target to aim at for your little man. It's so light it won't get flushed.


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