Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1) Catholic Mom.Com is starting it's first project.  The want to get a copy of A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy into the hands of pregnancy centers across the United States.  All they need is your monetary help.

2) Leila is looking to help out at Nigerian Pro-life Conference (in sorta response to Melinda Gates initiative to contracept the hell into Africa).  They need help to fund a plane ticket for a speaker.

3) Don't forget CRS to the right!

4) Got this tidbit thanks to of CAPC (Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner).  Do not skewer me for posting this...
RAD [Reactive Attachment Disorder] children were not born RAD. They were born to love and be loved. Every child I ever met with a propensity for violence was the natural product of extremely painful treatment, usually beginning with being left in daycare too young (perhaps as newborns) and too long (daily, throughout their first years).....
If we spend our first years with one primary caregiver who adores us, but sets a reasonably high bar for us in terms of discipline and behavior, we become resilient and headed for greatness. If we spend our first years in daycare or with rotating caregivers or parents who are distracted, we form fragile identities.....
 My son and daughter-in-law just told me of a couple they met that had an infant. When sharing with this couple their plans for parenthood, a vitriolic debate ensued about the Ricki Lake Show on natural childbirth and how to treat an infant. “Infants don’t think,” the couple said. “They don’t care who is taking care of them,” they insisted. “They aren’t smart enough to care until they are older,” both parents argued. I predict they will have a RAD [Reactive Attachment Disorder] child.

Before you flay me, read the article.  It's not biased.  The point is the one that I was trying to make some time ago is that children do need to be at home especially during their early years, not in daycare.  Realizing that this is not possible for everyone, finding a long-term caregiver, using all available maternity leave, and trying to keep the child with you as much as possible is a must.


I've only watched part of it, but it's moving (and non-denominational).  It's a documentary about extreme poverty.  If you have netflix, it's listed.

Isaiah 58 (Chapter the movie is about)

6) The Chair is Empty....But it will be filled.  Jesus is our guide and leader.  The Church is our mother.  Carry on.

7) Check out the previous post about my liver and all my nutso crafting. 

Thanks, Jen!

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