Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crafty Me

First the liver...I went to the specialist.  He took my family history and did a basic exam.  Then he asked me if my family doc did a cholesterol check and when I said I didn't think so he said "well, sometimes it's your cholesterol and the liver enzymes mask that."  So he order several more blood draws which I did this morning because the cholesterol one requires a 14 hour fast (yay).  If it is indeed my cholesterol, I'm not going to be happy.  Prior to moving to Arizona oh, ten year ago, I had to contend with the only diet I knew.  Namely fatty and fried.  But then I met people who taught me there are better ways and I've changed my diet.  Not that I don't indulge (no, not the spiritual kind), but I eat a lot better.  I won't know for a week.  So all I got to tell you is bubkus.


1) For Knee's baptism, Knee's godmother gave him a cute cross.  It was painted white with blue dots.  The boys already have a cross in their room, and the new cross didn't really match either.  Our living room has a giant picture of the Our Lady of Guadalupe.  But our bedroom doesn't really have anything.  For a while, we only had the shadow box of our wedding stuff.  Then I (finally!) put up Hubby's Phd. diploma which I had framed for him as a gift.  So I decided to "waste not, want not" and make this cross more adult appropriate.

I decided I wanted to stain it.  So I sanded it and discovered that it's not solid wood but composite. what.  How about painting?  Okay.  And while we're at why not try our hand at decoupage.  So I searched around for this sketch of the Crucified Christ, printed it, and cut it out.  After painting the front of the cross gold (who really is going to care about the back), I decoupaged on Christ.  And voila!  Instant crucifix for our bedroom.

2)  I finally finished Knee's birth record (it's a cross stitch that I designed) and now I just have to frame it.  Speaking of cross stitch.  I, on a whim, went looking around for cross stitch patterns on the internet since there are very few Christian ones let alone Catholic ones.  And found ones for free! This Sacred Heart of Jesus just screamed "Cross Stitch Me and Hang Me on Your Wall!"  So I will.  I was hoping to make it a Lenten project, but it might wind up an Easter one.

3) I'm hoping to try my hand at dying.  I have a lot of head coverings but very few in green (I somewhat coordinate with the Liturgical season.  Geek.  Yes.)  So I'm going to dye a pink shirt (I have too many) and a brown wide headband which I hardly use.  We'll see how it goes.

4) Speaking of...I need to make some more snoods following Cam's lovely patterns.  There is a white with music notes....a purple one I plan to make out of an old night shirt (waste not)...a blue one depending on the amount of fabric I have left and a green one with pink flowers.  I'll have to upload pictures so if Cam wants to use them, she can.

5) I guess I'm going to have to make corded rosaries.  I thought about it for Easter for the boys.  I have made some many moons ago.  Thinking that we're a part of a rosary group.  The things are virtually indestructible.  But then my children do sling them around as weapons.  So I decided to wait.  Until my child pulled out an old one at Mass (It was falling apart) and one of the boys who we see fairly regularly fell in love.  So I guess I'm making rosaries.

6) I did decide to make Peg Dolls for the boys to play with for Easter.  I haven't ordered them because our credit card number was stolen so we've had to wait for replacement cards.  It was used two states over so the card company alerted us and then we were reissued a new number.  Apparently there's some group making fake cards.  So watch your statements.  Anyways...

I've seen Cam's saints, which I think are great.  But then I came across a Protestant concept called Godly Play.  Think Montessori meets Bible stories.  The idea is that you set up an area with wooden figures and use them to retell Bible stories.  Then the children can explore and play with the pieces.  A Catholic version would be a children's altar (there's a preschool thing called Catechism of the Good Shepard) or using saints' stories.  And that's basically want I want to recreate (since candles and nice statues will not stand up to the wrath of Destructocon Preschooler and his side kick Monkey Boy Toddler).  I think I'll start off with their patron saints and also the Resurrection story (and if I have enough time the Last Supper).  HB has been starting to get into Jesus since the Advent calendar and the "Baby Jesus".  He's been recognizing "Jesus on the letter T."  Hey, it looks like a 't'.  One of the moms at Rosary Group said her boys called it "Jesus on the Sword."  Boys...

I found a site that sells wooden unfinished peg dolls (among other things) which are very inexpensive.  Most of their stuff is made in Maine.   You can easily get the pieces to a Noah's ark or creche and paint them yourself (or have your children paint them). 

I think the words, geez that's a lot of crafts you have planned, come to mind.  Hey, I have to keep myself doing something.  I'd practice but that would wake my neighbors and my children. 

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  1. I love your headcoverings coordinating with the liturgical season! I just try to match my outfit, ha! I like your plan much better. :) I should try to match my outfit *and* covering to the liturgical season, now that would be a good goal.


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