Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gender Roles and Sleep

So far Operation "Put-the-boys-together-in-their-own-room" is going well.  No major waking up and disturbing the other going on.

Today we went to a birthday party.  It was a girl's party and the theme was butterflies.  I don't believe in squashing kids into nice gender roles.  Butterflies come in female and male varieties; both are very colorful.  The hostess offered butterfly wings and so I asked HB if he wanted to wear them and so he did.  There were only three boys at the party; two of which were mine.

After we ate food, I went to chase down HB to clean him up.  Across the way another party was going on and it was for the Japanese Student Association.  They brought out a soccer ball.  "Soccer!" my child yells.  And green butterfly wings and all he runs off to join a bunch of strangers to play soccer.  They were very obliging.  And in typical Japanese-style, they took a bunch of pictures of him playing "soccer" with him.  I don't have any pictures but the hostess/host's father took some and plans to e-mail them to us.

Yes, my child had no fear of strangers (which is something we don't want him to develop).  He loves soccer.  And he likes to pretend to be a bug.

And no, it's not girly.

And I don't see why it should be something to embarrass him with in the future (unlike a few at the party made mention). 

If it turns out that he really gets into soccer, it will be a story to tell him about.  About how a little boy who likes insects and soccer ran across the park to play with some Japanese Students.  And how his love for soccer started when he was two and helped him find a common bond with people of all genders, nationalities, and ages.  And I hope that even if it's not soccer, he'll continue to find something that bonds him to others.  We are all children of God.

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