Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HHS and the War on Men

Hubby is going to a conference and one of the pre-conference thingies he got information on was about new academics and focused on women.  It was limited in number of attendees, but as he read the email they also said they would accept minorities and couples in academia.  Essentially excluding all single white males, a form of reverse discrimination.  Upset he typed something up to fellow scientists and one particularly liberal female responded that it should be this way.  But...she remarked...he may have something in common with these "minority" groups since he was a newish father.  What a slap in the face.

I told him he should protest directly to the organization.  There are numerous white men out there who share various hardships in academia.  Would they exclude someone like Stephen Hawking?  Really the thing should focus on those with hardships which could include someone like my husband, who is the first Phd of his family.  It shouldn't be about gender, race, or who you're married too.  But alas it is.

And this isn't the only time I've seen it where men particularly white men are experiencing a level of discrimination.  The HHS mandate compromise is a slap in the face.

What's the reason behind the mandate?  Well the latest compromise says this:
Such contraceptive coverage significantly furthers the governmental interests in promoting public health and in promoting gender equality.
Humm...so women who don't need to use birth control, but choose to.  women who could ask a man to pay out in one form or another.  they need to have free, without a co-pay, unfettered access to all forms of birth control despite it being unnecessary medicine is because of gender equality.  Say what?

What about actually medicines that a man needs?  How about no co-pay for Viagra or Low T medications?  How about free condoms?  Please don't tell me the government has decided that their latest is gender equality.

Because it's not.

Anyone can see that a woman has no co-pay for birth control other than the visit has it better than a man who has erectile dysfunction has to pay for the visit and the pills.  It isn't equality.  It's discrimination.

Forget about religious beliefs or religious freedom.  Let's be logical about the bottom dollar.  It's pure gender tipping.  It's a declaration of War Against Men.

We've already made is so a man's rights to his unborn children are non-existent.   He cannot decide whether they live or die, what prenatal care they may or may not have, and if they have an medical issues.  That is until their born.  And then he has all the rights in the world....to be forced to pay for child support (course I say you make sex you make the baby but that's another discussion on responsibility).

And in addition, we have decided that the man must pay a co-pay and a woman not?

Furthermore free birth control puts undo pressure on women.  Now it's expected to have less children (aka no children) in order to have a career instead of in conjunction with.  How about longer maternity leave or paid maternity leave?  So there's also a War on Families.

But don't listen to me.  What do I know.  I'm just a girl.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Heaven will direct it.

Shakespear's Hamlet

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  1. Seems to be a common state of affairs in the West.


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