Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loads of My Delinquent Pictures

Happy St. Nicholas Day!  The boys are modeling typical St. Nick stuffs: stocking, orange, and a book.

Knee's 1st birthday complete with smashed cake.

Christmas with my in-laws.  You see my cute two-some and the legs of my father, mother, brother, and husband.  My parents came to visit.  My brother is stationed near my in-laws.

Magic House fun.  We flew out shortly thereafter.  And it started snowing!!

12 days of Christmas (this was day 5).  My husband and his family have a tradition of hanging up these ornaments usually around a window sill.  But I did it on the wall.

The first year we moved here it rained maybe 5 times the whole fraking year.  This year it's rained tons and even hailed (and in some parts snowed!).  What the heck!!!  And yes, I let my preschooler puddle jump in nothing but a large t-shirt and his crocks.  He ended up pooing shortly after this picture.  Lovely.

The infamous third birthday party.  You will note the small boy in purple is mine.

The replacement cake.  The blue frosting took on a purple appearance once cut into.  Purple is my child's favorite color and his party was Blue's Clues themed. Should note that the candles are American made from beeswax.  You can also find soy American-made varieties too.  Had to order these because all the party-supply stores carry Chinese ones only.

This year's King Cake for Mardi Gras.  I'm thinking I need a new recipe.  After years of using this one, I can't seem to perfect it.

Our Lenten Calendar.  We're using a plastic crucifix as our marker.  And now we're up to date!

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