Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Nightmare Birthday Party

I'm laughing about it now, but at the time.  It was disastrous. 

So I did everything.  Everything from buying stuff for and making stuff for the party.  It didn't help that on Wednesday I came down with a cold so everything was drudgery.

It all started when I came back from the store that morning and rushed around trying to get stuff together.  I had made the cake the night before and attempted to remove it from the pan.  I even greased the pan and used flour but the darn thing stuck.  I then tried to loosen it because sometimes that helps.  Nope.  I came out, but in pieces.

Up goes my anxiety.

I decide, since it's getting close to crunch time, to attempt to fix it with frosting.  But then it turned into a giant mess.  So I just decide to take it as is.

We get into the car and after a ways I remembered that half the food was still in the fridge.  (I ended up forgetting still more but it didn't matter).  By this point I'm freaking out because to go back home means we are going to be later than our guests.

So I run in and grab stuff while Hubby looks for a quicker route and since at this point I'm unable to give really good directions to the park.  We make it there late.  I set the cake down and start to unpack decorations while some of the parents pitch in and help unload the car.

My children wonder off to the playground, but I was still able to keep an eye on them, but apparently not the cake.  Because I glance over and there are pigeons surrounding and pecking at my cake!  I couldn't have made this story up if I tried.  One of the parents told me that she was learning from my pain.  Having had a birthday party at a park once before and been to several.  I assure you the birds eating the cake is a freak incident.

The people who had plopped themselves down to eat at our paid for, reserved spot eventually leave.  The homeless guy who had also claimed a table told me that the carry disease you know.  I wasn't planning on serving it after that.  He suggested to just go ahead and give it to them (since they dug in already) and also to maybe move it away from the table so as to keep them away from other food.  We took him up on the suggestion.

He got kinda mad that we were taking over his space but he did eventually move on.  He also at one point told me that he was a bounty hunter.  Didn't seem like it. 

Everything got started late so we had to rush through gifts and things.  Fortunately we had the icecream and the more important parts to the food.  Plus not as many people showed up as I had planned for (even with one of my friend's letting me know that she had to cancel, which was very nice of her).  So we now have a well stocked freezer.  Anyone need ground beef?

Poor HB lamented his cake but he didn't cry about it.  I think he wanted to be sung to and that sort of thing.  So on Sunday I got him a cake from the store and stuck my made in America birthday candles in it.  He really enjoyed that.  The next day, he was so cute and sang Happy Birthday to himself when we went and polished off the cake.

So the party wasn't great.  But it sure makes for one heck of a story.  Moral of the story?  Keep your food covered and make your husband help out.

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