Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The SOTUA and Preschool

My dad never went to kindergarten.  There wasn't such a thing when he was a child.  Well there was but it wasn't mandatory.

When I was a child, I had to go to kindergarten.  Preschool was something that was mostly parochial and not mandatory.

Now preschool is both secular and parochial and it's highly encouraged.  People sort of expect that when you're child turns three they will be enrolled. 

Granted my son attends preschool but that has more to do with me having health issues, him needing some socialization and stimulation.  He doesn't receive a formal three Rs education.  They play with playdough, color, use magnets, run outside, and sing songs. 

But I have a funny feeling that in the up coming years preschool will be mandatory.  There are already government programs like Head Start for lower income families.

Obama said he wants to expand preschool programs.  And all I see is 1)more government intervention and 2) more of our tax dollars "at work"  Leaders are always talking preschool, but I usually ignore it.  It's pointless.


Because studies have shown that it doesn't matter if a child goes to preschool or not.  While initially there are some difference academically, in the long run whether a child did or not attend preschool makes no difference.  By the time the children are in the 4th/5th grade, they are all on the same level. 

So while Obama and all the die-hard preschool advocates will have the American public believe that a preschool education is a great start and will help ensure more college grads, it's completely and utterly false.  Science proves it.

But not to mention that we should be advocating trade schools and children seeking out their dream long before college so as not to waste their time and their parents' money getting a lame degree and instead working at Starbucks.  Or getting no degree because they spent four years taking classes in various degrees without any idea of what to major in.  Because we're all fed the crap that a college education is everything (I think plumbers with less education make more money than me as a teacher.  I'm pretty sure my distant cousin, who is a plumber does.)  But that's a discussion for another time.

Suffices to say, don't buy into the Dems agenda of preschool for all.  It's just a waste of tax payer money.

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  1. Actually, there's neurological evidence to suggest that whilst children in pre-school from a young age do better academically at first, the experience can seriously stunt their emotional and social development. Margot Sutherland's book 'What Every Parent Needs To Know' outlines this (and other areas of children's neurological development) and provides the names of the studies which back this up.


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