Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes- The You Have Been Warned Edition

Warning:  Bodily Fluids being discussed below.  Skip to number five for a less disgusting discussion.

1) So last night about 3 am, Hubby starts wrestling around in bed.  No, not the frisky kind.  He gets up and goes to the bathroom so I ask him if he's okay.  "No, I'm going to throw up."  Great.  After a while, he goes to the couch and gets himself situated (cue clanging around looking for a mixing bowl and water).  I tell him to wake me up if he needs anything.  At 4, he gives one good "Manly Hurl."  We call it this because I have a younger brother and I dad that I lived with for 18 years.  I've also had numerous male friends that I've helped take to the infirmary.  I've never heard them sound the way Hubby does.  He's so loud when he vomits that I swear I think I should see his toes come out his mouth.  I have no idea why he sounds this way, but he does. 

I half expect him to come and get me, not that he needs to wake me up.  But he doesn't until 5:30 am when Knee wakes up.  He's spent the majority of the day laying in bed with some couch time.  Poor thing.

2) I've vetoed dish duty for this evening.  On top of Hubby's Manly Hurling.  I had to contend with two small children all day.  And I really couldn't take them anywhere because it's stormed all the desert.  Complete with lightning/thunder and...hail?  So I said forget it, if I could drink, today would be the day.

3) And last night my friend came for a visit.  Hey, I warned you.  I don't know why it hasn't come up until recently, but I must have the heaviest flow ever.  My cup holds 34.3 mL.  It's one of the bigger end of cups. Apparently, different cup brands have different sizes.   And supposedly you can use a menstrual cup without problem for 12 hours.  Fallacy, I tell you.  Four hours.  Four hours on my heavy days I can fill it.  I must have a thick good-for-babies uterus.  For those of you who use tampons, I used to have to change a super after one- two hours.  I could sneeze and that would be it for a regular. 

People must have thought I had a UTI or bladder issues every month.

There are people who claim "I just put in my cup and forget I'm having a period."  I don't believe it.  My cramps and occasional leakage remind me.  And for those of you who lactate and can skip periods.  Stink eye.  I did a quick calculation and this is my 207 period.  207.  The only time I've missed a period was the 18 months of pregnancy.  Stink eye for the no cramps, light periods, and no periods.

And no, birth control pills are silly to use.  I like my uterus thick and useful without artificial chemicals, thank you very much.  And no, I'm not a hefty lady either.  I'm average weight and height.  Nor do I have lady health problems.  It's just how I am.

4) If the men feel left out, I'd be happy to talk about circumcision.  It's been in the news recently.  We also still circumcise girls in this country.  White middle class girls.  Why?

Whew!  The Gross is Over.

5) I'm sure you already know this but...CONCLAVE TUESDAY!  Are you ready?  I'm sorta nervous.  I know the Church is always protected by the Holy Ghost.  But I still worry that St.  Peter's successor may not be a very good politician for the Church to the outside world.  I'm not saying bend the rules like the media speaks about constantly (ad naseum).  I mean give the Church a good evangelizing angle since we've been struggling with the sex abuse, Vatileaks,  and so forth.  JPII didn't bend anything but he was a good politician. 

6) Easter!  Ahhh....I want to get the boys some books.  We have in our collection: 2 children's Bibles one of which I hate, 1 Catholic prayer book which bores the boys but they are young, 1 Going to Mass book, several Christmas books, 1 secular Easter book, 0 religious Easter books, 0 Saint's books. 

Every year I struggle to find books for the boys that I think will be both good catechesis and age appropriate.  And every year I give up.  Christmas seems to be easier.

So what books do you think are good for a 1 year old and a 3 year old?

I've been debating these books:  The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry, The Alphabet of Catholic Saints, My First Catechism by Christine Pedotti, Our Blessed Mother a St. Joseph's board book, and the New Catholic Picture Bible.

I really should have a bigger collection but people tend to give us secular books by the butt load so that's what our library is mostly made up of.  And like I said, I freeze over spending money on books that I can't really look at because I don't know if the kids will like them.  I've thought about looking at a local store, but they tend to carry mostly stuff for adults and very few selections for children (I could be wrong about that though).

7) My crafting is coming on slowly.  I've finally ordered all my stuff, but with the illness and everything I haven't done much.  I have made a Lent snood though.  If I wasn't so tired, I'd get off my butt and take a picture.

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  1. We've all be sick here for the last week or two, but I've been glad it's colds (runny noses and fevers) and not the flu (I hate puke). I won't tell you that I've never had cramps for my period and that breastfeeding keeps it away... :) but I agree with you about birth control! As for books for kids, my girls (5 and 3) love the St. Joseph Carry-Me-Along Board Books. We only have a couple but they are nice. I should get more. Oh, and look up the Happy Saints website - he has some ebooks and some picture books and they are super cute. My girls like the colouring pages. :)


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