Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1) Is it Friday yet?  Please say it is.  It's been a long, long week without Hubby around.  I am currently eating the last bit of my chocolate stash as we speak.

2) Hubby has been giving me the blow by blow at the conference this week, at least as far as the job market is concerned.  So here are the plans...Plan A- apply to jobs overseas since they aren't dealing with a sequester issue.  He's looking into English-speaking countries mostly like Australia, England, and there's a job application doing what he does in Glasgow.  That's Scotland.  Fingers are crossed.  It would keep him in academia until such time as he finds a position back in the States or we decide to remain in our host country.  Plan B- apply for private sector jobs like oil or natural resource companies that need someone to age-date the terra rocks, which is something he sorta does only with meteorites.  Plan C- go into the private sector doing something sciency related...this has problems as he's looking into a major missile producer and he's married to a pacifist...I personally think this should be plan zero as in we don't even try.  Plan D- He tries to find employment around here until such time as he finds employment elsewhere.  Plan E- I'm not sure if there is one.  And finally Plan F- We move to Missouri while he becomes stay-at-home dad and I work back in my field, music teacher/band director.  Bleck.  I don't want to work as a band director.  Long hours.

3) He's stressed himself so over the job market that he's taken a colleague's suggestion and has gotten himself rather intoxicated so that he can actually sleep.  Poor thing.  Talking to drunk Hubby, however, is a bit odd when one is sober and dealing with screaming children.

4) Ahhh!!! Holy Week is almost upon us!  Last year I did nothing.  I attempted to and failed utterly.  I was a tired, worn out mom with a baby.  We basically forgot Easter.  This year, I'm more spry and more prepared, so they will have nice Easter baskets complete with....Easter books, which I got just today.  They seem to do the trick even though two are Made in China :(  They also each have a chocolate cross and white chocolate lamb.  They are getting peg dolls.  And knotted rosaries.  See exhibit A.

Exhibit A

5) That is Knee's rosary.  I haven't started on HB's yet.  It took me a while to remember two important things about making the knots that the kit instructions failed to mention 1) make an X and 2) when looping, loop toward your wrist and not away.  Thank you Rosary Army for these important tips!  As I recall the last time I made one using a different company they failed to instruct me on those two things and I had to use Rosary Army's video to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I also was told to use clear finger nail polish to prevent fraying so I thought super glue would work.  But apparently ours is dried up.  So I went all pyro and used matches to burn it slightly.  It's made of nylon.  I bet this is better anyway as I'm sure teething Knee will gum the heck out it until the thing falls apart.

BTW I got my rosary making stuff from Illuminated Ink

6) Even though I have been the only adult physically present in the house this week, I know that I have not been alone.  I knew that before Hubby left.  And prayed for extra assistance this week.  About 4 in the morning someone called out my name and told me to wake up.  I'm not sure if it was the Holy Spirit or a Guardian Angel, but it was comforting to know that someone else is also looking out for the boys well-being and that they are being cared for.  Nothing was amiss.  Just someone let me know that Knee was having issues.  I'm guessing since young children seem to be closer to God, a message was being relayed.

7) We went to our WIC appointment for HB.  WIC, for those of you who aren't from the US, is a government program for low income children.  It basically gives basic staples like beans, milk, and eggs to children from conception to age 5.  Then the school reduced lunch program takes over.  It stands for Women, Infants, and Children, but it's for pregnant women/nursing women and young children.

HB's pediatrician gets another fail.  HB weighs a whooping 29 lbs putting him into the 3 percentile for weight at age 3.  He's underweight.  Again.  And it doesn't surprise me because he eats less than his younger brother.  While he seems healthy and has normal iron and grew two inches since last year.  He's way too skinny.  And my pediatrician never seemed to care.  The WIC people, on the other hand, are sending me to talk to their nutritionist next month.  And hopefully she'll give me some tips because I'm fresh out of ideas on how to get him to eat short of feeding him only french fries (that's chips to you Brits, we call crisps "chips" around here).  We even have an open fridge and cabinet policy.  So when he is hungry he does go and get something for himself.  It's not like I starve him.  That's in addition to regular meal times.  His brother is a healthy, hefty weight.

I'm wondering if some children are just born picky.  HB lost weight in infancy because he never really demanded to feed so I would just feed him whenever.  And when he started baby food, it was carrots and sweet potatoes.  He actually turned orange.  I can't get him to eat and when he does it, I can't get the weight to stay on him.  It's so frustrating. 

See he's very active.
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  1. Glad to hear the WIC are stepping in for you - hopefully they'll have some good ideas! Continued prayers and best wishes for your husband's job - I hope the right thing finds you guys at just the right moment.


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