Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day in the Life

4:30 am- Knee wakes up.  I bring him into our bed and make futile attempts to get him to go back to sleep.

6am- Knee falls asleep, but HB gets up.  This announcement is make by my husband walking him into the bedroom.  I hiss at them to get out indicating that Knee has finally fallen asleep and Hubby is now officially in charge of HB's breakfast.

7:30am- Get up.  Both boys breastfeed.  Hubby leaves for work.

7:45 am- Make several attempts to make/ eat breakfast.  It's an egg and cheese sandwich. This is thwarted by an argument between the children.  I turn on Blue's Clues and remove Knee's diaper.  He has pooped.  Knee is happy because he now gets naked time (hates diapers).  I indicate to HB that he should remove his pull-up.  HB would rather stay in diapers until he's 20.  I don't attempt to feed Knee anything because neither he nor HB are big solid breakfast eaters.  They think booby should be the source of all breakfast.

8:00-ish- I do my usual routine of checking e-mail, looking a the latest blog feed, and attempts to eat.

8:15 ish- manage to wrestle Knee into a diaper.  Manage to convince HB that he needs to remove his pull-up as it looks like it's on the verge of exploding.  He complies.

9:30- I have lost all track of time.  The boys are officially bored of tv programming.  I make a mental note to think all the prayers being sent my way and wonder if I'm starting to sound whiny.  I scoop up boys and set up the train tracks.  Then I send them outside to play with bubbles.  HB pees on the concrete.  I make him clean it up and remind him to use the toilet.  Knee doesn't like this because in order to avoid him playing in his brother's urine I have to use the play pen.  Clean up over; we play with chalk.

10:30- The children have declared that they are now hungry.  Knee has been attempting to stave off hunger by eating chalk.  I bring them inside for a snack of oranges and chex cereal.  I work with HB on using his spoon while Knee on his own makes his own strives in using a spoon.  I'm thinking HB will be harder to leave the nest than his more determined brother.  I make a mental note to push back lunch as the children tend to ignore it otherwise.

10:45- Make attempts to read HB books about animal sounds and St. Patrick's Day while Knee pushes around cereal in his bowl.  I make a mental note to look into St. Joseph's Day activities instead of winging it especially since I know Hubby has a conference and Spring Break is coming up (no school for a whole week, yikes!).  HB declares that the St. Pat's book is boring by trying to clobber me.  I decide he needs music.  I flip on the Celtic channel on Pandora on my Kindle and flip it to a nice reel.  Knee is done with his snack and makes me hold him.  At some point they color with markers too.

11:20ish- I put on Veggie Tales and then attempt to turn on the oven and make lunch.  Since it's Wednesday, it's a meatless day for us.  I pick out frozen fish sticks.  The kids won't eat them anyway.

11:45- my children plow through a box of Wheat thins newly opened and found by HB.  They ignore the fish altogether.  I put on Finding Nemo and wait for Hubby to call at 12:30 only to discover that the phone is not in the kitchen and it's got no battery power.  Wait ten minutes and call him back.  Navigate the phone sharing between the two boys.  Turn back on Finding Nemo.  I make a mental note that I should write a post about British/American food word confusions.

1:10pm- Hallelujah! Nap time.  Knee, who is completely exhausted, has already fallen asleep.  I plop him in the play pen and he wakes up to protest.  I take HB into his room under protest and we go through the usual nap routine.  He's groggy and so I place him in his bed and leave.  I pluck up Knee and take him back to my room and wrestle with him to fall asleep.  And then I take a nap too because 4:30 am is not for me.

4:00- Knee has been protesting waking up but clearly he needs too.  I hear HB's door open.  I get Knee up and plop them both on the couch because I'm also not really awake yet.  I grab the box of Wheat Thins and snack on them.  We're not afternoon people so it's a combination of getting on each others nerves, tv, and toys.

5:30- I flip the news on.  The boys know that they won't win that war.  Dad comes home and informs me over HB's attempts to talk to him that in Aug/Oct we will 90 percent likely have to move (unless a grant comes in but it's doubtful).  His boss told him that he won't be able to renew his contract.  Hubby goes through the list of scenarios including a visiting professorship to beef up his teaching resume.  He's determined to put feelers out because usually jobs are word of mouth.  He hopes the upcoming conference will help and we go over all our possible plans like moving back east and me working while he stay homes and job hunts.  Or moving back to Tucson and trying to find employment through his connections there.  I'm not worried.  It will work itself out.  We won't starve.  Hubby is sweating it though.  Clearly it's stressing him out that he worked so hard to get his Phd and have a career only to have it stall because the economy is so bad.  I make a mental note to direct prayerful bloggers to pray for him and not so much for me.  Jobs are easier for me to get.

6:00- news ends and Hubby gets the boys outside for the evening while I work on dinner.  Since it's Wednesday, I put together mac n' cheese and look at the lettuce.  After determining that it's wilting I decide to throw in tomato and carrots to try and get rid of it before it goes bad.  I call them back in.  Neither child eats.  Knee nibbles on a carrot; then decides he's done.  And HB declares that he isn't remotely interested.

7:00- I go outside to check the mail.  It's coupon day so I wade through the junk mail trash and pull out coupon booklets including some McD's.  One of the local one's has had a face lift so they are offering free stuff with no purchase necessary.  Sweet!  I notice one is for my fav, Frappes.  I make a mental note to use that McDonald's next Monday before rosary group so I can use the coupon.  I love free stuff.

7:30- Hubby has put the boys in the tub.  I get to work on the dishes and realize that I have more than can fit in the dishwasher and set those aside and handwash the rest.  I make a mental note to take the clean dishes out in the morning and put in the pile of dirty and try to wash a load at lunch.  Dishes done.

8 pm- Hubby and I make attempts to get HB to clean up his toys.  He's not happy.  Knee gladly puts away markers and picks up papers.  HB is my stubborn child.  After that's done, Knee gladly brushes his teeth (it's his favorite thing to do).  HB has to be locked into the bathroom with me while I make numerous attempts to place a brush in his hands and then brush his teeth.  Eventually I get in a few swipes and declare that he his done after he hides in the shower and pees.  I strip off his nightshirt, remind him to use the toilet, and have him wipe the floor with a paper towel.

8:30- Hubby and I put the boys to bed.  HB asks for some water but is clearly ready.  Hurray.  I scuttle off to Walgreens to buy laundry detergent since it's on sale and I have two coupons.

8:45- I arrive at the store bra-less, with flip flops, and an old pair of Hubby's shorts.  I look fabulous.  At least it's not pjs...oh wait...didn't I sleep in the shirt.  Oh, well.  I pick up two bottles of Purex Free in clear and do a happy dance.  HB and I have eczema so I try and get stuff that won't cause as many flair ups.  Get in car and decide what my evenings other activities should be.

9:20- Hubby has per teacher's recommendations prepared a list of HB rules and consequences.  We go over them and I modify one.  Then I clip my coupons.  I decide it's getting late so no crafts.  Darn.  I remember to send an e-mail to a lady from the Rosary Group about cloth diapering.  I refresh my memory about the links that I send her.  Churn out this post and declare that I need to take a bath tonight.  Since I live in the desert and have eczema I don't like to bath much especially in winter.  It causes my skin to dry out and itch.  A couple of days ago I realized that I had washed my hair too often because I woke up with my scalp itching and when I scratched it burned.  I had to put conditioner in it and just leave it that way.  I haven't wanted to wash my head since.  But maybe I will at least wet body hates me.  Good thing I'll get a new model at some point.

And now it's 11:30 I'm off for my bath.  Night!

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