Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And They Will Hate You

In case you aren't aware, these past two days the Supreme Court has been looking into two cases concerning gay marriage.  The first involves California voters passing a law prohibiting it and DOMA, the federal government's not recognizing it.

As I have said before, I don't believe that the state should regulate marriage.  It's the only solution that I can come up with even though I do believe that the state has a compelling interest in marriage as it pertains to the rights of children.  I'll get back to that later.

In light of these cases, Facebook has turned into a sea of red.  Not just the red equal signs but of anger.  There's no room to disagree.  There's no room for dialogue.  It's awful.  Furthermore, to disagree with gay marriage as a right means you are called homophobic and bigotted.  These make me so angry.

First of all, I'm not afraid of gay people.  To be homophobic means you are so let's just get that definition squared away.

Secondly a bigot is someone akin to what I grew up with racism.  That is you call a person derogatory names, you mistreat them, you play into hurtful stereotypes, and you think of yourself as being better than them.  Let's be clear to disagree with the issue does not mean that you are calling homosexuals nasty names, refuse to seat them at restaurants, play into stereotypes, or view yourself as being any less sinful.  Now I realize that some people do this, but that doesn't mean that everyone who is against gay marriage does.  To call everyone who disagrees with you as a bigot only proves that you are calling people nasty names, stereotyping them, refusing to acknowledge them as human beings with a different opinion, and better than they are.  In other words to call someone you disagree with a bigot well that makes you the very definition of it.

Being attracted to people with the same gender as you is a disorder.  It's like people who have bulimia, drug addition, angry issues, and even diabetes have a disorder.  It's no fault of anyone.  It's not a sin; it's the result of concupiscence and a fallen world.  You carry a cross like everyone else and it's not easy.

The difference though is if someone lies, you should call them on it because it is harmful to lie.  I'm not going to sit back in my easy chair and say "sure go ahead, have sex with whoever."  It's harmful to you not just in a physical sense (things are not meant to have certain things in them), but it is harmful to you in a spiritual sense.  It is also, in the case of gay marriage, harmful to society (but I will get to that later on when I have more time).   It's like Mr. Jillette says when a person hands him a Bible.  If you believe that a person is doing something detrimental to themselves, it is entirely not loving, not Christian to not say something about it.  If an atheist understands, why can't others get that too?

I certainly hope that my fellow Catholics call me out on some of my sinful behavior and pray for me on the crosses that I bear.  But I don't think they think less of me.  Nor would I in anger call them names.  (I may get angry, but that is my cross afterall.)

It's for these reasons of hatred that I've had to unlike people.  I has nothing to do with having a different opinion.  I has to do with the bigoted comments directed toward people who disagree especially in forums not about gay marriage at all.

But I gotta run.  My child has already peed on the kitchen floor and is now trying to open a jar of pickle relish.  So I'll discuss the rights of children and gay marriage later. 

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