Monday, March 4, 2013

Aquinas and More

The giant online Catholic Bookstore, Aquinas and More, may have to shut it's doors down.  It's pleading that this Tuesday through next Tuesday that people help out.  If you pledge a little money (their goal is 250,000 dollars to save the store which isn't hard with 30,000 FB followers), you can get a coupon to use in their store.

Have you done any Easter shopping yet?  I know I haven't so this would be a great opportunity for me especially knowing that the store will cost people their jobs.

Did you know they don't purchase things from China?  They believe like me that our money shouldn't be put into things like forced abortion or persecution of the Church.

Did you know that they guarantee that all their products are solidly Catholic?  You won't find any bizarre or Protestantism creeping in.  They carefully screen and select the stuff that they sell.

So please, by pass Amazon who doesn't hide that they support gay marriage, and instead support online Catholic company, Aquinas and More, this Easter.

Thank you!

(Oh, and please pass the word along.  They need all the word-of-mouth help they can get.)

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