Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!

I only got to watch the last bit of his time on the balcony, but I'm already impressed.  It's lunch time here so I missed a lot.  I'll have to watch some of the feed from news agencies later.

A Jesuit (I wonder if his outfit will be black) and a Latin American Pope.  I once had a pen pal from Argentina so I've got a soft spot for that country particularly since the people suffer so from political turmoil.

And I knew it was God's doing when he chose the name Pope Francis.

You see every afternoon when I put HB down for a nap since he was an infant I sing the Prayer of St. Francis.  I have a special relationship with this great saint of animals, nature, poverty, and of course as a pacifist peace.

I have high hopes that Pope Francis being God's servant will do much for the Church.

So excited.  Now I must deal with my toddler's melt down and put the pre-schooler down for his nap.  And I will offer up my Prayer of St. Francis to our beloved new pope.

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