Friday, March 22, 2013

Hubby's Home!

Okay technically he's at the airport getting his luggage which could take forever.  But he's here.

We've got a good feeling about one particular job.  But as he's not finished the paper work or had an interview or anything, it's too soon to tell.  It's just that he has so many connections to the project.  I'm pretty sure when the application process closes he'll be short listed.  That is he will make the short list of applicants that they'll want to interview.  Which means he'll need to find his passport and work on his interviewing skills.

I would say to pray that he gets this job, but that's really presumptuous. While praying for any job, I think is fine, I find myself in a moral dilemma asking for a particular job.  1) In asking for a particular job, you limit God.  He can say no or yes.  If you ask for His Will, it opens up more possibilities of something else that's better coming along.  2) God knows what you need (a job) there's no need to put parameters on it.  I originally thought a domestic job would be the thing to ask for, but even then you never know.  3) In asking for a particular job, you are essentially shutting others out.  God knows that they have needs too and maybe bigger ones than yours.  So it's better that God figures out that chess game.

I finished HB's rosary and had to doctor it a little since I made a flub.  It still works even if it isn't so pretty.  It's not like he will care anyway.  He's just either destroy it or ignore it.

And I forgot to mention that my pediatrician gets a safety fail.  At the same appointment where she essentially ignored his weight issues, she told me that I could turn his seat forward facing because now he's three.  Never mind that he weighs 29-30 lbs.  Never mind that the recommendation for forward facing is now 2 years and 40 lbs.  After she told me that, I just ignored her and he's still back facing.  I really don't like her.  Between the lies about her office's breastfeeding during vaccination policy, the lack of caring about his weight, and this comment back in February, I'm glad to be getting a new pedi.

Oh, Hubby's home!  Gotta run!

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