Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Get the Gold Star

HB noticed my St. Cecilia magnet on the fridge, pulled over a chair, and got it down.  "Momma, it's a picture.  It's a picture of Mary!" he declared.  Well, I told him it's St. Cecilia and I can see the mix up, but he's still bent on it being a picture of Mary.  I'm afraid that my poor magnet won't last for very much longer.  It's being loved a little too much. 

I did try to point out the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe hanging on the wall as being Mary, but HB looked at with skepticism and said "that's Mary?"   I'm guessing it's because most of the children's picture books contain images of Mary as a white chick.  I'm wondering if people know of any good coffee table type books with images/artistic renderings of Mary in them that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Have you covered your religious stuff yet?  It's sort of a Catholic tradition to cover religious images and crosses during Holy Week.  It's not necessary.  You uncover the crosses/crucifixes on Good Friday and the rest on Easter Sunday.

I'm so excited this year about cooking.

Holy Thursday:  Seder Meal to celebrate Passover and the Last Supper
We have the matzah crackers for unleavened bread.  For bitter herbs, parsley and grated horseradish and a boiled potato for normal veggie (I may add some romaine lettuce).  I have walnuts and apple sauce to represent the charoset which is supposed to be like the mortar that the slaves used.  I also have a leg of lamb to represent the ultimate Paschal sacrifice.  We skipped on the egg since we don't need any additional sacrifices :)  And I have grape juice because I can't drink wine but this isn't uncommon for Jews to also do.

Good Friday:  Hot Cross Buns
I think this will be the 1st Good Friday that I can actually fast for in a long time.  The last few ones I was either nursing or just found out that I was pregnant.  I've managed an Ash Wednesday fast, but then Good Friday would end up not happening for the above stated reasons.

Easter: Ham and Resurrection rolls
I bought a ham.  I splurged at the super market this week. 

I'm so looking forward to Holy Week meals.  And Easter too because then I can go and watch non-religious movies and read magazines again and read non-religious books again and eat meat on Wednesday.  I know.  1st world problems.  But I am looking forward to the 2nd season of extreme couponing.  Sad but true.

I am also looking forward to seeing how the boys react to their Easter goodies.

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