Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Light Hearted Papal Banter

Here are some of my favorites...

A commenter on facebook when seeing this wrote:
Thank you for calling the Vatican. Para espanoles pulse: uno
 It's funny to me because living in Tucson anything that's automated sounds like that: Para espangnole, marke uno.

See this would be funnier if the little girl says "Por que no los dos?"  Because I think that's what she says in the original commercial and since we have an Argentinian Pope...

BTW I think it's official that it's St. Francis of Assisi.

I think even Hubby would like that one.

And this joke goes to Father Joe (someone make it a meme stat!).
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was asked what he thought about a papal name and he said, "Let me be perfectly Frank"....

This one just posted too...

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