Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mystery Illness Solved aka Blue's Clues Marathon Commences

Apparently my mysterious tummy troubles have been 1:30 this morning.  HB got up and started to commence his vomiting marathon. 

Hubby gets the gold star for taking over at about 3ish and then going into work.  He told me he may come home early depending on how exhausted he is.

I got up at 7 ish to take over the feeding of Knee.  Who then threw up on me.  All I have to say is Thank God for the person who came up with diaper sprayers.  Those things are so darn useful.

I said something to Hubby about this stomach bug may explain how horrible I felt for the past four days or so.  But then he said I never actually vomited.  Adults do react differently.  I'm guessing I had a milder form of the bug because I've had something similar.  And the fact that I've been exposed to mono....

As far as I can tell the children don't have swollen glands or fever. 

So it will be a Blue's Clues marathon day.  And I've taken stock of what liquids they can have until they seem interested in something like toast or crackers.  HB guzzled down some soda which is good as he's had nothing in his stomach and woke up from his nap dry heaving.  I also have suckers to add some sugar into their diet and some apple juice.  I'll have to add some salt to it after I put it into a pitcher (it's currently frozen). 

And so commences the day of lulling boredom and frequent rinsing out of my mixing bowl (it's far easier to have HB throw up into that than trying to scuttle him to the nearest toilet).  Hope your day is going well.  Please blog.  I think my eyes will glaze over watching Joe or Steve dance across the screen and I too need to stay awake.

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  1. Nice to see I'm not the only mom who uses a mixing bowl as a barf basin. :) Hope everyone feels better soon!


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