Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Name Those Saints

Finished!  Okay not with everything.  I'm still having trouble with my knots.  Since the last time I made a rosary was before the birth of HB, I'm struggling to remember the technique and so I'll have to do a bit of...uh hum..online learning.  But I am finished with part of their Easter present.  The Peg Dolls.

And since HB saw them in an unfinished state and tried to grab one before I told him that they weren't finished and not until Easter, I think they will be a hit.  He's curious and likes small objects.

Here is the grouping at the tomb:
Sorry the picture is not the best.  The mod podge that I used to seal the dolls with is glossy and I'm not a camera expert.  In order from left to right: Risen Christ, angel, Solome, Little Mary (aka Mary, mother of James the less), and Mary Madelene.  The women all have head coverings, it's just hard to tell from this angle. Since they are a grouping I'm thinking they will all go in HB's basket, but not sure...

Here are the saints:
Can you figure out who they are?  Probably hard given the picture so I'll give you some hints.  The one on the left was a deacon and at his feet are rocks.  The one on the right is holding a Bishop's staff (because he was a Bishop) and just like he is often pictured, on the corner is my abysmal painting of a swan.  His other hand has a church.  If you can guess who they both are, you will be the winner of a gold star and 2,000 awesome points. 

Now off to bed with me.  I should have been in bed an hour and half ago.  It's going to be an interesting morning.  I hate 5:30am.  I am not a morning person, but since Hubby is not here, I just have to deal.


  1. Oooh I want the Awesome Points (cos they're awesome, and that's the point) but can I have half if I guess that one of them's Peter? And the other....John or Cleopas. (I'm leaning towards John) They're lovely - great crafting.

    1. Sorry only one is biblical and not one you listed. The other was a popular saint from your country. They are my children's patron saints if that helps. Oh thank you. There are peg dolls on etsy which are far better but pricey. My children will probably do something nasty to them which is one reason why I made them.

    2. Lol just goes to show I have *no* idea about saints! Which one's a popular one in the UK? To be fair I looked up the online Bible to see which men saw Jesus first after he rose - those were the names which came up (though I already knew Peter) and I presumed they might be right as part of an Easter theme. Hehe.

    3. Eh...that's okay. There are so many of them that you can practically name your child anything and discover they have a saint.

      The one on the right with a swan was a popular British saint. Although he was a popular medieval saint like st. Thomas Becket. He's not well known now. Youre more than welcome to cheat by trying google.

    4. Google knows all. I'll go with St Hugh of Lincoln ;) Now to go look up why he's important.

    5. OK, well, now I'm educated! He's supposed to have his own day in the calendar of the Church of England. I've been CofE all my life and NEVER heard of the guy. I guess we're not high enough on the candlestick. Thanks for the lesson :)

    6. You got it! 1000 awesome points. Don't worry most rcc members don't know him either. Hes not very popular in the States. Ive not seen him mentioned as a feast day on any calendar.


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