Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Need Your Crafty Opinion

Funny Moment of the Week:
Playing a game of Blue's Clues with HB
HB: The first clue is....hevnin.
Me:  Hevnin?
HB:  hevnin
Me:  Do you mean Heaven?
HB: yeah
Me (thinks I deserve a gold star even though the topic has never come up.  We're solely focusing on Jesus at this point with a dash of Mary identification.):  Okay.  I'll draw heaven in your notebook.
Finish the picture
HB: The second clue is stars.
Me:  Stars?  Okay.
Finish the picture.
HB:  The third clue is a rocket!
Me:  A rocket?  Oh, I see where this is going.  You're thinking about space.
(dejected.  I did not get the gold star.  This one goes to Hubby and school, which is having a unit on space.  Dang.)

So I completed my snoods...that leaves the rosaries, dying (dieing?), framing, and painting of the peg dolls which came in today.  And let me tell you I am most impressed by those dolls.  Anyways...

Here are the snoods...
As you can see there's my purple Lent/Advent snood, white with music notes for Easter (and other feast days), green spring for Ordinary Time (at least for Spring/Summer), and a blue one for Marian feast days and the Month of May.

It may be hard to tell in this picture but I embroidered the purple one.  I do not care for plain snoods.  They just need a little something...This is what it looks like.

Sorry not the greatest photo.
I embroidered a simple cross.  I'm not really into the fancy.

So here's my crafty question:  The blue one needs some pizzazz too.  I can't decide whether I would like something like this...

Although not nearly as fancy, but the Ava Maria symbol and crown.  Or this

Minus the bud in the background and in color.  Not sure I'd fill it in.  Just an outline would suffice.  It's a lily.

The thing is I like the lily but I don't think people will get that it's a Marian symbol.  The other one is obviously Marian, but I'm not as keen.  I'm really having a hard time deciding this one.  So I leave it up to you good people to voice your opinion before I give it a go.  Or maybe you know of another Marian symbol that would work better.

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  1. I love the snoods! I don't really have any advice on the design though, because I like them both! I think I'd lean towards the M, but I like the lily too!


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