Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scenes from the Triduum

Holy Thursday:  "Fake" Seder meal- clockwise: boiled potato, lamb w/bone, salad, parsley w/horseradish, applesauce, and Matzo

 Good Friday:  Hot Cross Buns (I actually made these the night before and we had them in the morning)

Holy Saturday:  Easter Egg Hunt at local park.  Our church didn't have one this year so we went to the secular one.  But they did a better job.  They had two groups (one for younger, one for older), only one child and one parent, and the child had to touch the eggs.  Oh, and no running.  One nice young man shared two eggs with HB because he's slow and wants to open the eggs.  He did actually find a hidden one; most where just scattered on the field.  And that's why I think they should be hidden (even somewhat for the little ones).  Much more fun that way.

Holy Saturday Night:  HB's basket includes The Easter Story, The Catholic Picture Bible, An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (there is a spelling error), chocolate from Palmer, peg dolls, cord rosary

Knee's Basket includes My First Catechism, Our Blessed Mother, chocolates, peg doll, and cord rosary.  I realize he didn't get as much, but he's one.  He'll be happy with what he has and it will seem like a lot to him anyway.

Jesus has risen!  Happy Easter!

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