Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stuff and Prayer

1) So Hubby is out of town for this week.  I'm at home with the boys for 168 hours.  Okay not exactly.... There's a lot of stuff going on this week and HB has school.  So I'm not entirely in the wilderness...alone...with wolves.  But people should send me an e-mail or give me a call once in a while this week.  It keeps me more sane if I can have adult conversation.  Particularly tomorrow as Hubby is not sure if we will be able to speak given his schedule and the time difference.

2) Yesterday, I took the boys out to the local Catholic book store.  It has "books" in the name and "gifts."  But really it's all about gifts and stuff related to the sacraments.  I went looking for books on Easter.  Lent?  yes.  Saints? Oh, yeah.  Bibles? Some.  But no Easter books.  What's wrong with this picture?  I don't blame the store.  I'm sure that the reason why they have what they have is because their bread and butter surrounds the sacraments.  Because let's face it, the reality is we shop a lot online and then the vast majority of people cruise on through religious education, only getting involved during the sacraments and leaving the rest up to Religious Education.  This is really not good.  And not something I want for the boys.

3) After that the shop keeper mentioned some goings on at the local Museum of Modern Art.  But it was for older kids and so we sped through that because sculptures marked "do not touch" don't work for those who can't read and have impulse control issues. 

4) Hubby called to say yesterday and today that his prospects of the job market are abysmal.  Very abysmal.  So bad that he was up all last night (okay part of it).  I was too but that's because my neighbors like to party for every fraking holiday.  *sigh*  So prayer request...prayers that Hubby finds a job.  Because I don't think he's looking forward to working at small colleges teaching physics.  Or working in the private sector (doing what? he didn't elaborate).  And since our plan F is in August moving to Missouri while I work and he job hunts is problematic as I am a teacher and there are very few jobs to be had in August....well...panic is starting to set in.  I may have to work two jobs to make ends meet.  And Hubby may have to take a night job himself.  Who knows?

5) Today I took the boys to the church we are members of.  We stopped going because the vestibule opens onto the parking lot which is a few feet from a busy street (it's a parallel parking only lot).   We have squirmy children and until recently one of them would run impulsively.  He's since matured, but his brother, who tottles, is catching up.  They do have child care, but it was intermittent and problematic to know when to keep a child home or not so we sought out a church with a cry room.  I prayed all this morning that despite the "'holiday" we would have childcare.  I need a break.  I need sometime to focus on God and re-energizer.  And thankfully they had childcare.  It was a blessing.  And I don't feel guilty about it.

6) The lack of guilt stems from having read a passage of St. Terese's autobiography, A Story of a Soul.  In it she says that her mother stayed home with her because she was too young to go to Mass.  Her mother died when she was four.  So if her saintly mother stayed with her and she didn't go to Mass, then I think my children will be fine not participating in Mass until they are older too.  I think it was God's way of telling me that I'm trying too hard.

7) Part of this impulse is because of my luke-warm, teenagerish understanding of Catholicism.  One of the questions that Jen asked was what was the most formative experience in my life.  That I had to think about since I think of most every aspect of my life as being formative but the most? Well then it hit me, having my children.  I didn't grow up in my understanding of Catholicism until I started blogging and had HB.  Before I knew things about the Church's rules and regulations.  I knew gifts of the Holy Spirit and fruits.  I'd read most of the Bible.  But it was learning all the why surrounding it, the theology behind it, that I grew up.  Now if you ask me something theologically I have a better grasp on it.  And that growth is still continuing.  When I first picked up A Story of a Soul I could hardly read it.  For one thing, I'm not a nun, not French, did not grow up with parents hell bent on giving me firm catecisis, don't have older sisters, etc etc.  And more importantly I just didn't understand it.  It was way over my head and of all the saints, her writing was supposedly the easiest to read.  But now I'm reading it, this time I hope to read it completely, and I get it better now.  I'm growing.  And it's because I feel that I need to.  It's really really horrible that we have such terrible religious education for our children.  They need to start reading works by the saints during Highschool, not memorizing fruits and gifts. 

8)  Tomorrow I'm going to the Rosary group again (and getting a free coffee with my coupon).  Tuesday is school so after I drop off HB, I plan on getting fruit (my children eat a ton of it) and looking for baskets from Goodwill which is in the same shopping center.  Wednesday is our WIC renewal.  Thursday is school.  And Friday I have no plans.  I figure if they are stir crazy and want to leave there's the park or the museum.  But otherwise, pj day.

9) Crafting is coming along.  I've done one level of painting the peg dolls.  I'm only working on the two saints and the scene with the three women at the tomb.  We are running out of time here.  I just have to finish up the details and then seal it up with modge podge.  Then it's framing and making the rosaries.  It will be a close finish to Easter, but I know that I can do it.

10)  My Easter crafting plans are that beautiful Sacred Heart of Jesus cross stitch and I've decided to learn how to applique so I can applique a lily on my snood.  I'm hoping I can get my machine to do what I want it to do.  Applique looks like so much fun and I get bored of all the boys clothes out there that I could totally do some stuff that the boys like (Blue's Clues for instance).  But I still have to learn.

And that's it.  So if you don't hear from me much this week, it's because I'll be more busy this week or drowning myself in chocolate and ready to be sent to the asylum.  Speaking of which my three year old really should be taught how to dial out for emergencies...

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  1. Ahhh will keep you and your Husband in my prayers. Hope something 'clicks' soon, work-wise. It's a horrible thing to be stuck in the middle of not knowing.

    Good for you for learning more about your faith - stick at it :)


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