Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Doctor's report

So the specialist called.  One of my stats is back to normal; one is only two points above normal.  He said my iron was high and then inquired about that.  I told him that I had prenatals but that was ages ago.  He figures that that is the culprit.  Really odd though because my mom was so anemic that they put her on BC.  And when they tried to wean her off, she still was too anemic.  (The standard procedure for severely anemic menstruating women is stop menstruation and have them supplement their iron until their levels are high and then wean them from BC.  The idea is that the body will be able to build up enough of a reserve of iron that menses will not have so hard an effect.)  And he said that I also have had mono again.  But since I've already had mono once my body produced enough antibodies "that you wouldn't have noticed."

Great.  So I'm still not exactly normal.  My liver has too much iron and I have mono...again.  I guess I should take it easy.

He told me that we'd do blood work again in 6 months that there was nothing to do.

But it doesn't explain why I feel nauseated periodically or like right now why it hurts round my middle.

Last time I was there he said it was normal acid stuff in my stomach so I guess maybe to combat the nausea I'm going to take my husband's antacids.  Don't worry I looked it up.  They get a B rating so they are secreted in breast milk but won't hurt anybody.

Still....frustrated.  My husband thinks I should give him another call.

So no alcohol, tylenol, or aspirin.  And no baby.  Which wouldn't hinge on being sick as it does on a variety of factors like Hubby possibly not having a job in 6 months.  And considering the fiscal cliff...well it let's just say NASA has already informed their grant recipients that there may be a problem.  So that makes finding a job or getting a grant difficult.  Unless my husband decides to kill any career prospects and teach physics at a small college that has no research facilities.  Yeah, I don't see any further adding to the broad happening any time soon. And I see a long future on the couch waiting for my body to heal.


  1. Not having answers is so frustrating! As is the job situation. Ugh.

    We'll keep both in our prayers. I hope you feel better (and get some answers) soon.

    And I'm with your husband on giving him another call to see if there's anything else you can do or specialists you could see.

  2. Will pray you soon get some sensible answers and are able to manage things better. And your Hubby's job - that's a scary prospect! God is Good, though, and you'll get through in a way which good can come of, He Promises.


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