Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Job Search

I should have maybe explained, but we knew that Hubby's job was temporary.  It was a post-doc.  We figured 1-2 years depending on how long it took to complete the project.  So Hubby's been looking/applying to various jobs and grants for a year now.

What we weren't anticipating was this:

What this means is because people's budget for their project is in limbo (if it's a NASA grant which a chunk are) then they are unlikely to hire post-docs.  It also means that the future-funding of NASA grants (and probably NSF-National Science Foundation- grants) is also in limbo.

Hubby just recently got one of his grant proposals pigeon-holed.  Meaning it wasn't funded, but it will go into the rotation of possibles for up to a year.  This grant would have kept us living here.  Since it wasn't funded and his boss won't keep him on to complete his current project, we will most likely move.

Where to?  Good question.  Right now only God knows.

What's worse is he's been here two years and doesn't have a paper written yet (and no data) which is really really bad if you're in research.

So he's pounding on doors and looking into possible jobs in places like Toronto (Of, O, Canada fame) and Alabama.  He's hoping for at least another post-doc if not an assistant professorship.

When talking to another colleague in the same boat (he's been a post-doc for three years and his wife's been working part-time after loosing her job), the colleague complained about their take home pay.  And there's only two of them.  Hubby replied that he's the sole earner and makes half of what they do.  And there are four of us.  Needless to say his colleague was astonished.  He asked how we do it.  Hubby replied that we don't eat out very much.  Hubby later thought he should have said more, but his point was that people waste money.  It always amazes us that people need the latest gadget or buy brand new clothes.  My lap top that I'm typing on has three keys missing including the colon and the 'r' key and yet, I get along just fine.  Although I need to back-up files because at some point the thing is going to wheeze collapse and die.  You don't need things to live a comfortable life.  But you do need a job.

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  1. Really hope you guys figure something out soon. We were in much the same position when Husby had to give up his PhD due to ill health, whilst I was halfway through being a student. We're lucky here though, because the system takes care of us for now.


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