Saturday, April 20, 2013

7 Belated Quick Takes

1) Wednesday- I took HB to the nutritionist.  Basically she told me not to worry too much about healthy food and to make sure he eats when he's hungry.  I got permission to give him as many high calorie foods as he can handle including sour cream, cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and salad dressing.  Right now I'm soooo jealous of HB.  He gets to eat buttered bread to his little heart's desire. 

He did loose a few ounces but he grew in height.  She told me that he's very active and seems okay and not to worry too much about the pickiness. 

So my plan of action is less boobie...well not exactly.  It's just that I've noticed that he and his brother think of boobie as being the primary and first source of nutrition.  So we go into power struggles.  I think he's getting the message though.  I told him that if he was hungry then he needed to eat food first.  So in his cute little three year old way he's been telling us lately when his "tummy rumbles."

2) The nutritionist applauded me for the breastfeeding.  That's right.  You can re-read that part if you need to.  She actually grinned ear to ear.  Considering I am usually the only one defending the fact that I still breastfeed my winnowy three year old, it was weird.  Most people tell me to wean him.  Okay...that's everyone tells me including the gentlemen sitting next to me.  So just so you know.  I have no plans to wean him completely.  If he wants to stop, then he can.  If he doesn't, then he can continue.  It's not up to me. 

3) Thursday- On the way to taking HB to school I got rear-ended.  It was more of a bump and there's no damage to anyone or anything.  I had turned a corner and had stopped to get around the bus.  A gentlemen bumped into us.  I was shaken and at first the whole thing didn't register with me.  Fortunately nobody was moving fast and I didn't end up hitting the bus.

HB was the one who brought it up first.  He's so darn observant.  After I got back in the car and was quietly processing, he mentioned that a car had bumped into us.  Well...he tried to explain it with the language he knew.  I've never had anyone hit me before and neither has he so naturally how do you explain that.  I asked him if he saw it (he's rear-facing) and he said yes.  Then I asked him if it scared him and he said yes.  And then I proceeded to re-assure him and tell him that we're okay. 

4) Friday- We went to the passport office.  We figured that we might as well go ahead and start the process even though we've had nothing official.  They were very pleasant.  It was at the post office so I imagine that this isn't something that happens most of the time.  The whole experience was practically painless.  The downside is that getting three passports is expensive.  Even though the children's one is cheaper, it's still expensive.  They did make us swear that we were being honest about all the info and that we had no felonies or involved in sex trafficking.  Interesting too, you can't get a passport if you have an outstanding debt. 

5)  Saturday- We had three things we could have chosen to do today (they all were around the same time): HB's sport's class, a birthday party, and the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  We went to GCDC.  It was the last year HB can participate.  It was at a park.  Some moms were selling used diapers.  I picked up some Snap-Ez trainers for HB.  They were 5 dollars a piece without the stuffing.  We also got swag too.  They had a raffle but I didn't win anything.  I guess I need to start up some more of my reviews.  I've been a bit lax.  Hummm...I wonder why?

6) Hubby's boss's vote was for Canada.  His reasons were he thought having diversity is good for his career and that we are very family oriented people.  He explained that in the UK to go visit family is an under-taking.

7) I keep telling myself that I'll also do some book reviews, but I'm lame and haven't done anything of the sort.  Just wait til I have to start packing boxes.

Thanks to Grace for hosting.  PS. Jen et al are back home!

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  1. Jas was making comments about ZJ needing to wean but has stopped. I think it helps that he's getting so close to doing it on his own. He didn't last night and hasn't asked so far tonight either...


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