Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making the Short List

So I'm happy to announce that Hubby has basically been offered a job in Canada, but it looks like there will be a lot of field work.  Meaning he will be out in the wilderness away from home a lot.

And he's made the short list for another post-doc in Glasgow.  He has a video interview in May.  If he gets the job, I'm really going to have to spend sometime learning about how to move over-seas.

In the meantime he's been applying for anything and most everything state-side that involves instructors, associate and assistant professors, or visiting professors in physics.  He even applied to Lone-State University the one that lately dealt with a stabbing.  He's sent out a ton of applications.  The down-side is that while these jobs are more secure than a post-doc and give him teaching experience the perks are awful.  Some of them pay him a very low wage and most don't offer any type of health care so we'd have to buy our own medical insurance.

But I have abundant faith that we will find something.

And Hubby is beginning to loosen up.  The prospect of being poor as long as he's back home isn't bothering him so much anymore.  I think after living years without family support, he's really beginning to crave it.  It means he's joining me on the light side of the force.  He's starting to see that money isn't everything.

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