Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Wore for Easter

Wearing Shirt from Church sale, 
pants given to us by a friend, 
shoes- Ethletic sneakers (although I had numerous problems with whoever runs their shipping)

Shirt from Savers, 
pants given to us from another friend 
(he did end up wearing shoes)

I'm wearing a home-made snood.  Black and White musical notes
Necklace from a zillion years ago, sterling silver (I barely wear necklaces because my children yank on them and break anything around my neck)
Two White Camisoles- the first one is a ratty one from Old Navy that I've had since hs it's there because the top one is a nursing cami and it's too low cut (like all nursing shirts)
Black Cardigan from Savers- it doesn't button too well but I bought it because it says it's made in the usa
White Skirt- Forever 21 from waaayyy back in the day
Socks- from Foot traffic in New Orleans

I tend to follow the rules "Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without" philosophy on fashion.  It's rare that I purchase anything but underwear, bras, socks, or shoes that are brand new.  My husband and I are frugal to the extreme.  It's the same for the two boys.  Knee, for the most part, wears clothes that belonged to his brother or some other boy.

I would say I follow my fashion sense to the beat of my own drum.  So I would call my Easter outfit, Sing out Alleluia!  Just wait to see what I have in mind for Divine Mercy Sunday.

What does my husband think of my weird fashion tastes..." look like a 20s housewife....and not in a good way."  His remark on my outfit.  "You're wearing black for Easter?  Weren't you the one who says that's a funeral color."  I pointed out that I was also wearing white, which incidentally is the funeral color for Koreans.  My husband, not pictured, dutifully wore pastel blue and khakis.  He made the remark that I should have picked something more pastel-ish.  Bah!  Everyone does that.

Oh, and joke from yesterday:
I made Resurrection Rolls with HB.
Me to HB:  See just like Jesus in the tomb disappeared so did the marshmallows!
Hubby: So are the marshmallows going to come back too?

Thanks Fine Linen and Purple!

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