Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I wore Sunday

I'm really far behind on things.  Below is the shot from Divine Mercy and then below that is the one from today.  I don't have the one inbetween because I never got a chance to get Hubby to take a picture.  He's a bit of a perfectionist and it doesn't help that we have two little monkeys.  :)

Divine Mercy Sunday

Headcovering- Tichel from
Earrings: silver crosses from a long time ago (okay that sounds like a store but I'm referring to time)
Dress: nursing-friendly off the sales rack at Target
Shirt- something I picked up at Savers
Leggings- navy cotton capri leggings from made in the usa
shoes- Paris in brown from Okabashi (which I plan on writing a review of soon)

This Sunday

Headcovering- Homemade music note snood after Cam's pattern
Earrings- see above
Dress- Maxi dress in heather grey from Japanese weekend.  It's a nursing/pregnancy dress and is really stretchy. Made in the usa.  I bought it on sale during Christmas two years ago.
Top- from Sears ages ago
Shoes (not pictured)- Messina from Okabashi in black
Small child smiling in foreground- priceless!

Thanks to the Ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for hosting!

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