Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Evil Reigns: Updated

Naturally Hubby and I haven't talked much politics or news.  Everything lately has been involving job evaluations and passports.  So yesterday after I glanced and then looked away at the Facebook feeds, I knew that later I should turn on the news.

I'm not big on inundating myself with bad news and I especially hate it when newscasters go on and on about the same thing offering pathetic speculations about what happened.  So if I see something bad I usually just look away and wait.  The exception is the world trade centers.  I watched the 2nd one fall.  That was awful.  And I also watched the flooding in New Orleans but that was days of footage.

Hubby usually comes home about the tail end of national news although yesterday (and today) they had hour long special news reports.  He had no idea what happened.  And truthfully, he doesn't usually get informed of this stuff because he dutifully works.  Unless I e-mail him or call him (like with the Pope) he's oblivious.

"What's going on?" he says noticing the something odd is flashing on the screen.

"Some person or persons bombed the Boston Marathon."

"Oh...Ooohhh...anybody die?"

"A couple of people, but it's all the injuries especially to the lower extremities..."

"How awful for the runners (or something like that I don't remember exactly what he said)"

"Oh, sweet heart.  They weren't after the runners.  They went after the crowd.  I'm pretty sure it's..."

Interrupted "so anybody claimed responsibility?"

"No, but it's most likely a terrorist act."

And that's basically all we know today still.  It's awful.  But what makes me most mad is that there are fake charities popping up all over the place.  All I have to say is that there is a special place in hell for people who profit off of other's misery and I hope that you, buggers, repent soon.

My dad is from Boston and we have relatives who live in that area.  Dad hasn't called me so I assume that everyone is accounted for.

Prayers.  Prayers.

Switching topics slightly.   Today I asked Hubby if he knew anything about the Gosnell Trial.  "The what?"

"Don't worry you aren't the only one."

And then I went on to explain...here is one piece about the trial.  But what is most fascinating is the lack of coverage.  Conservatives caught wind that mainstream news wasn't publishing it so a few brave souls outside of conservative newssources asked about the blackout.  Here's an overview about the questioning.  Conservatives have managed to get their voice heard but only after they took to twitter and asked reporters why they weren't covering the story.  Update:  Link with Excuses One reporter confessed that she didn't publish anything about the trial because she thought it would hurt abortion rights.  Well....


It's about time people figure it out.  In fact a few people have decided that they aren't so pro-abortion anymore.  They are starting to recognize that what Gosnell did was a result of politics and looking the other way.  It's about money.  And there is no difference between a baby whose head is snipped in the womb and then sucksoned out and one that comes out completely to grab a breath and then die in the same grusome manner.

But naturally the pro-aborts are putting their own spin on things...Disgusting.

Prayers.  Prayers. Prayers.

That's all we can do when evil reigns.

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  1. lifesitenews on facebook is good for that kind of thing. And yes, the Gosnell case is throwing some interesting curve balls - may prove the beginning of the return of the pendulum from Roe vs Wade...prayers for that!


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