Thursday, May 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes- The "Insert Foot in Mouth" Edition

1. My mother in law is here.  We have our weekend planned including visiting the aquarium.  I'm sooo thrilled.

2. Remember how I said it was pointless to have gotten passports because of the unlikelihood of moving to the UK.  I believe my foot needs to be inserted in an area not designed for my foot.  That would be my mouth not my butt.  My husband got a job offer in London, England.  This is scary for me because it's a huge move, it's cost of living is astronomical (yes, I just used a planetary word), and the population is big.  I grew up in a city with 173,000 and London has 8, 134, 000 people in it.   I currently live in the 6th largest city which has 1, 469,000.  Gulp.

3. But it's a good job.  Really good job.  Because it's the big wigs of planetary science in the UK and they choose Hubby because of his boss.  They want to work with his boss.  It's all in who you know. 

4.  But on the flip side, Hubby also has a job interview tomorrow.  And it's in London also....London, Ontario.  So you can see just how confusing our conversations are becoming.  We have to remind ourselves to use country names.  We're hoping that he'll be able to negotiate with both and pick from there.  The London, England job did not tell him what the salary would be so Hubby's boss thinks they want him to negotiate.  As I'm not all that familiar with either academic life or London life, I'm the wrong person to know if that's true or not.

5. God is good.  Now we trust some more...

6. And in other political news, the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the AP scandal are looking like birthday presents for comedians.

7.  Then there is of course the Gosnell conviction and sentencing.  What amazes me is that there are people out there who actually believe that Gosnell did not kill born-alive infants.  Someone tried to argue with me that there wasn't enough evidence and that the numerous eye-witness accounts were not enough.  Sad.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. You are one brave mama! Good luck on the job front!!!

  2. Lol oh well - at least it sounds as though he'll have a job. London's probably better than Glasgow, to be fair.

  3. Wow! Cost of living aside, living in England would be so cool.


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