Thursday, May 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes- The "We're Doomed!" Edition

1) HB- Did I mention that he has a memory out of this world?  So my MIL came for a visit and made mention to HB that if he wanted to have his car seat turned around he should eat (and thus pack on the pounds).  My child is anorexic.  Okay not exactly.  But he's finicky to the extreme.  He has lately acknowledged that his "tummy rumbles."  So we're working on him eating anything at all.  He's 38 inches tall and weights roughly 30 pounds.  If you look at the charts or do a BMI, he is underweight.  It's a frustration of mine to get him to eat, but I keep it mostly to myself.  Anyways...he's lately been standing in his seat asking for it to be turned around.  I have never discussed it with him.  But since he asked I told him that until he got bigger he couldn't be turned around.  The recommendations say 2 years old AND 40 lbs.  Even though my idiot of a pediatrician said it was fine because of his age, I'm not turning him around until he weights 40 lbs or has maxed out in height.  Anywhoo...I told him that in order to get bigger he'd need to eat more.  Hopefully it will motivate him.

2) Yeah that memory.  So lately he will periodically use the pot.  One morning in my morning stupor (feeble attempt to sleep on the couch in the morning while my children, who awake at dawn, dance merrily about), HB announced that he had went "pee pee in the big potty."  And he must have because the seat was a bit damp.  Then the other day this week he followed me into the bathroom and asked me what I was doing.  "You go pee pee, Momma....I gotta go pee pee too!" and then he proceeded to sit on his little potty and sure enough he peed.

I'm hoping that by explaining to him he can't go to school in Canada unless he uses the toilet he will start going.  My MIL told me this was how she motivated her niece to use the toilet.  And seeing as how my child will gleefully get into the car and be strapped down into his seat all the name of "seeing my teachers!" I'm hoping this method will work.  Obviously he knows how to use the toilet.  Obviously he's aware of his bodily functions.  He's just go no motivating factor to do so.  And no amount of me pushing his stubborn behind over to the toilet will work.  Trust me.

3) Knee- Is cute as a button except now he's cutting a molar.  He's also switching over to one nap which is hard on him (and me).  It's hard on me because he doesn't take a nap at the same time as his older brother.  It's taken me this long to figure out why I'm so exhausted at days end until I realized that I haven't had a moment the last few weeks where I was alone, by myself with some quiet.  HB I can settle down with an activity (and so I usually end up doing the dishes or something).  Knee is at the stage of still needing more attention. 

He's also speaking more.  He said "dad" the other day and then today he pointed to his head and said his brother's name.  I think he's telling me that his brother slamming toys into the top of his head hurts a lot.  Because I was warning him at the time he was going to fall off the bed if wasn't careful.

4) Canada- We're moving there at the end of July.  Which means I'll be packing on my birthday (read: giant going away/happy birthday parte!)  I'm learning Canada does not have as many manufacturing stuffs as Americans do.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.  I like being able to have the choice to give money to a small business that makes stuff here at home.  And since I'm moving to Canada I naturally want to support the local guy.  But there really isn't one unless it's all sold in bulk to a middle man. 

5) In case you're wondering where this is coming from.  It's coming from a need to invest in winter wear.  As I have lived 10 years in the desert (and many more in Mississippi), I have not needed to invest in snow boots or fluffy coats.  And since every picture I see of various places to live shows snow in them (okay almost every one), I picture myself naked and freezing.  This is not helped by me looking up the current temperature in London which is 27 C.  That's 80F.  80/27?  Really.  Is that how hot it is in almost June?  Please tell me it gets hotter.  It's like 105F/ 40C here.  And I'm not exaggerating that number.  On a particularly nasty day it will be 120F/48C.  27C is not hot to me anyway.  I'm now officially afraid of what winter will be.  Course then I remind myself of the agreement.

6) Hubby- The agreement I had with Hubby was that I would live anywhere as long as A) I didn't have to mow the lawn.  and B) I didn't have to shovel snow (can I amend that to "or use a snow blower"?).  And since Hubby is suggesting residential locations that will have tiny yards (he doesn't really consider them to be yards at all), he's gotten off virtually scott free.  I, on the other hand, will be employing the long lost art (for me anyway) of layers and long johns. 

Hubby is also in an unbelievable happy mood (read: stress-free).  Despite us going all cross eyed over paper work.  We've come to the conclusion that Americans do not need work permits only temporary or permanent residency visas, but Hubby needs both because his job requires them.  Me and the boys don't need anything.  We're along for the ride (read: dependents).  This paper work nuttiness and lack of ability to contact any consulate to ask a question doesn't seem to phase him at all (read: have to beat him off with a stick).  I guess I should invest in hard-to-remove layers and long johns early.  Focus Hubby!  Focus!

7) I'm going to have to learn metric.  Dang.  It's not like I haven't a vague notion that kilo is slightly smaller than a pound and that a liter is smaller than a gallon.  Americans may use the English system but not all our food products come packaged that way.  Soda bottles are in liters.  It's the C to F conversions that are killing me.  Unless I actually can feel/see or use some sense I can't picture it.  0C is ice and 100C is steam.  But in between I have no freaking clue if that means it's hot or cold outside.  Which means my children will be freezing due to lack of winter wear and their mother having no idea if it's Fall or Winter-like conditions outside.  We're doomed. 

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  1. Dropping in through the Quick Takes link.

    Welcome to Canada from a long-time native!

    Um, a kilo is 2.2 lbs, but yes, a liter is slightly smaller than an American quart (which is smaller than the English quart, but you probably don't need that particular snippet of knowledge!) One useful temperature point to remember is that 20 C equals 70 F--i.e. normal room temperature. Above 20 is warm, below is chilly. And the Environment Canada Weather Forecast page has a hyperlinked "F" which you can use to toggle the reported temperatures between the usual Celsius and the more familiar Fahrenheit.

    But the bad news, I'm sorry, is that to most Canadians, 80F is HOT, and the cold is going to shock you that first winter. Many layers, warm clothing, good winter boots and scarves and hats and mittens will be essential.

    Like everywhere else in the world, Canada has some very good aspects, and some not so good. Best wishes for a smooth move and a pleasant stay.

    1. Ahh....see i suck at conversions. Oh well. Fortunately i wont have to make too many cooking convertions since all my stuff is english system and im good at eye balling.

      Hubby whose in science uses metric and attempted to explain it....attempted being the key word.

      Fortunately my speedometer has metric with english.

      Thanks for the well wishes and tips. Dont think i will ever adapt to frozen weather though. Too many years (no im not telling you just how ancient i am) without.

  2. Actually, way back when I was a student then lab assistant in university (biology), I routinely used metric in lab work--but it was a different order of magnitude. I did--and still do--all my cooking with cup and teaspoon measurements. You do have to watch out, if you're replacing measuring utensils, because the cheap ones sometimes are only metric. But it is still possible to buy standard units.

    As for ancient, my daughter, like you, is in the raising preschoolers stage of life--so I've definitely got some mileage on you, even if you started as late as I did!

  3. It might be cold, but rumour has it we are polite! Whether or not you're excited, apparently I'm excited reading about someone importing themselves and the family to Canada! I'd love to be a person to welcome you, but we live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (which, you'll find, is just as awkward to say as it looks). It's quite the drive. As in, San Diego to New York kind of drive. But I do hope that you get a warm welcome in your community!
    Blessings to your family on your move, and I hope the littles are helpful!

  4. Here's a piece of random information: when I lived in Canada um...yikes...15 years ago, cars were required to be set up so that when you turn on the car, the headlights go on too. So if you are bringing a US car to Canada, you might need to get that fixed.


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