Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Takes- The "I Never Left" Edition

1) I haven't actually been gone even if it appears that way.  I've been busy.  Mostly spending time with my family, but also dealing with a nasty stomach bug that swept our household.  This all started two Mondays ago in the afternoon when after rosary group HB started saying his stomach hurt.  This usually just means that he's hungry, but I could tell something wasn't right.  Sure enough.  Vomit.  Then on Wednesday night Knee woke up and started vomitting too.  Hubby and I split the night/morning in shifts.  I got vomited on twice.  HB is pretty good about using a bowl and giving warning.  Knee....not so much.  Then over the weekend I got hit with the double whammy of migraine + stomach bug although I didn't vomit.  And on Monday of this week, Hubby came home and announced that he felt like sh*t.  So yeah.  Not exactly been blogging lately.  I've been catching up on housework.  And trying to find creative ways to get mold off my vomited shirt (hey, it was late at night, got buried, and forgotten.)

2) So in the midst of our vomiting mess, Hubby had a job interview in Scotland.  He found out two days later that he did not get the job.  So alas, we will not be moving to the UK as far as we know.  And we got our passports today even though it seems pointless.  To go to Canada or overland/sea you only need a card which is waaayyy cheaper.

3) In the meantime, I've been looking at the Eden Foods Facebook page way too much.  For those of you unaware, Eden Foods is an organic food company in the US.  They have recently filed a law suit against the HHS Mandate (the one about birth control coverage).  As a result, many, many (many, many, many) people who ordinarily buy their foods have been really (really, really, really, really) unhappy.  Most of the comments involve them boycotting the foods until Mr. Potter, the CEO and owner, allows coverage.  Some of the comments are just really really off base.  They involve everything from accusing Mr. Potter of using religion for the law suit when his real reason is that he hates the government to saying that birth control pills actually help limit abortions.  So I've spent many long hours talking about everything from natural ways to deal with PCOS to subsidiarity to actual facts and figures.  It's been tedious.  Most people ignore my statistics while others call me an "idiot" and try to align my politics with libertarians or the TEA party.  It's been real enlightening.

4) One of my facebook friends posted an article about morality.  In her comments she basically said that she thinks it's possible to build a morality without a religious basis.  I know I've written about this somewhere before but maybe it was in passing or to make a point.  I guess the topic deserves it's own blog post, but seriously there are some major flaws if people start deciding their own moral compass.  Just to name a few... Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Kim Jun-Sun,... Yeah, people are sooo great at making their own morals in society.

5) In other Mommy life... Knee has been talking in phrases like "It's hot!" and "one minute."  It's quite cute.  He is definitely determined to be a big kid.  I can't just put on clothes for him.  He has to step into his shorts and that sort of thing.  The good news is that he's realizing the value of wearing his shoes.  He's also been very huggy lately.  He'll randomly come up to me and give me a kiss and demands hugs from dad often.

6) HB has been very interested in writing.  And he's good about telling what his name is and his age.  As a result he goes by HB (first name and middle initial) rather than just his first name.  My fault really since that's what I call him.

7) One of the things I love about HB's school is what they teach them.  They are through the psychology department so they don't work on academic things.  They say the biggest things to work on are other stuffs like being able to be independent and also empathetic (which is the single biggest factor in academic success).  And it's paying off.  HB has always had maturity issues.  Last year I had trouble keeping him from running in the street.  Now I think he can safely play on the playground on his own while I do laundry next door.  But the biggest things is his empathy.  At the age of three children start to realize that others have emotions.  And since my child is so rough and tumble we've been making it a point to show him that others get upset about that sort of thing.  So he's been showing empathy in a big way.  On Monday he bumped into a kid and immediately apologized.  Then later they collided again and this time he asked if he was okay.  Today another boy got upset with him and after I prompted him, he went over and asked if he was okay and then rubbed his head.  And all I have to say is "finally".  Now if only I could get him to realize that he hurts his brother too we'll be all good.

Thanks to Jen!


  1. I found that having an actual passport worked well when we lived in Montana -- yeah, you can get the passport card but having the actual book meant less time in the Customs lane going both directions. It was also easier to just leave the country for lunch if I had my actual passport on me. (I used to work for an import brokerage on the Canadian border.)

    1. That's good to know. The boys' passports only last 5 years.

    2. Oh, sorry. I also meant to say "Thanks!"

  2. I had no idea empathy played such a major role in academic success! Sounds like a really good approach his school is taking to beginning education.

  3. Your thoughts on Eden made me feel a surge of that tremendous, debilitating frustration I feel in the political sphere. Being frustrated by that one labels me a "rightie", but the ones making me want to cry with helpless, choking rage in my home state would label me a "leftie." :( Can we move to the top of a mountain and become hermits? No, that wouldn't live up to the Gospel either, would it?

  4. Aw sorry to hear that your husband didn't get the job. I hope he gets a better one :)


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