Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes- The Do.Not.Panic Edition

1) Monday- Mondays are usually laid back.  We normally play/pray at our local moms group the rosary.  But it's summer now for the school (they start and end later than the public school) so there were a lot of older kids there.  Which naturally meant more fun for HB and Knee.  As usual HB ran around the circle of pray-ers.  And naturally his brother ran with him.  He is virtually the only child to do this.

2) Tuesday- I don't know why but lately HB has not been interested in taking a nap.  I'm thinking it's the summer heat.  I myself am struggling more than usual and I think it's just because it feels so awful.  Going outside is like stepping into a sauna.  Moving from the land of perpetual summer to the land of perpetual winter is starting to sound more appealing.

3) Wednesday- I took the children to the dentist.  This was HB's first cleaning.  Despite having his teeth crowded and the dentist remarking that he has a small mouth (my family is plagued by small mouths), his teeth are fine.  Knee's teeth were looked at too.  They are also fine.  He has two molars coming in at the top.  I don't know why but both kids seem to get their top teeth in faster than the bottom ones.  His teeth are also crowded.  Hubby and I have already discussed that we will need dental insurance for the boys in the future because they most likely will need to endure the same tortuous treatments I had to deal with (although I still have crooked's just now I have fewer crooked teeth and lots of scars).

4) Thursday- My husband, sensing my despair over house cleaning particularly when one feels pathetic over the heat, helped me clean up this morning.  Then he stayed home and worked while I dropped HB off at school and me and Knee went to the library.  Worked out well.  I was able to rent HB a Blue's Clues video because Netflix has stopped carrying his beloved cartoon dog.  And he's been asking for it.  I told him that we could try writing a letter to Netflix explaining the value of Blue's Clues as opposed to other children's programs that are mostly entertainment value.  I mean BC uses sign language and teaches basic concepts.  I love Justin Time too, but realistically my child doesn't understand time much less need to know about ancient Greece.  The rest of them are all touchy, feely which, let's be honest, you don't learn from tv.  So it's Blue's Clues or Sesame Street and HB doesn't care for SS. 

5) My husband has basically told me that I should make friends prior to moving to Canada.  I've tried an online forum, but no bites.  If you know anyone who lives in London, Ontario or there abouts, please feel free to bug them about making friends with this nutty American chick who blogs about her zany family life.  Thank you.

6) Hubby's start date is August 1st.  Here's the kicker.  So according to the Consolate web site you should send in paper work 3 months prior.  We sent it in this past weekend because that's basically when we got all the info.  That's not 3 months prior.  This could be problematic on several fronts.  He had to send in his passport.  If he doesn't get his visa stuff back including his passport he cannot enter Canada.  Used to you could, but not anymore.  As soon as we arrive, Hubby leaves that weekend for a conference in...Canada. If he doesn't have his passport back he can't go to that either.  Oh, it gets worse.  So in order to receive insurance that we pay for through the University, you have to cross the border and it starts as soon as your passport is stamped.  So not only will he potentially not make it to the University to start or to the conference but we will be stuck in the US without any health insurance whatsoever.  Hubby is panicking over that last bit because if we are traveling after August 1st and get into an accident, we have no coverage.  And it's pointless to get coverage if it's only a few days of lapse.  Do.Not.Panic!

7) Prayers for all the pregnant ladies out there.  There are two ladies due to give birth at my rosary group and two more from HB's school.  Then there's JoAnna and her baby and Dwija and her baby.

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  1. It's crazy that he had to send in his actual passport instead of a photocopy. Did you make a copy of it before you sent it off? If so, you may be able to use that if you call the border authorities and explain the situation before you cross.

    Thanks for the prayers :)

    1. Yes. They have to special stamp it. It was that or fly to ny. Im not sure if he has a copy. Wouldnt matter though they have to stamp it when he crosses. Its the whole boarder security thing. You need a passport or passport card to cross mexico too.

    2. Yes, we're going to Mexico this summer so we recently applied for passport cards. The lady at the post office said to make copies of our cards and keep them in a separate place, because if our passport cards were stolen we could explain the situation to the border authorities and use the photocopies instead. Maybe that only works going back Into the US, though.

      I have friends in Manitoba but none in Ontario, sadly.

  2. Hope you find some way of starting to make friends in Canadia before you get there :)

    1. Me too. Otherwise it will be a looooong first week without him and noone to chat with.


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