Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes- The "Rain on My Parade" Edition

1) This week has been so busy.  We (finally) got over the stomach bug.  Usually it takes us all of two days for each person but this one was particularly nasty.  It was so bad that I contemplated going to the doctor if we should not be back to normal by the end of the week.  I figured at that point it was not a viral thing; it was bacterial and probably needed medicine.  Hubby ended up going on a liquid only diet on Sunday.  I tried to introduce normal foods only to regretfully return to bland. 

2) On Wednesday I took Knee in for his 18 month appointment.  I skipped Knee's 15th month.  Since we don't vaccinate for Hb A, Varicella, and MMR, he only needed a couple of boosters.  You're probably wondering why those three specific vaccines.  It's because Merk, the Big US Pharma Company, uses stem cell lines derived from aborted babies in the manufacturing process.  A lot of Big Agri food companies do too.  At one point people were boycotting Pepsi because they planned on using a company that uses stem cell lines as flavoring in foods.  Now I want to be clear, Merk alleges that they only use the cells during the processing phase but your not actually injecting the cells into person.  I say alleges because in the processing phase it's actually very difficult to ensure that no cells end up in the vaccine.  That's why if you are allergic to eggs you can't take the Flu vaccine.  Anywho...Knee is 25 lbs (only 5 lbs smaller than his older brother) and he's in the 80th percentile in height.  You can probably tell from the banner that he's a healthy kid.

3) Speaking of vaccines, have you seen those commercials for Shingles vaccine?  There's actually been more cases of shingles in recent history.  Why?  Well shingles is the same virus as chicken pox.  Since more children are getting vaccinated, less children are getting chicken pox.  This is bad.  Why?  Well people like myself who contracted chicken pox through conventional means are susceptible to shingles when our immune systems are down particularly in elder populations.  This wasn't a problem because we got natural "boosters" from being exposed to our children or grandchildren who had chicken pox.  It's like me with mono.  Every time I'm exposed to it the less chance I will develop full blown symptoms later in life.  Mono doesn't have a vaccine.  To compensate Big Pharma is now making money from the shingles vaccine since less adults are protected.  It's sick really.  The only people who are in danger to chicken pox are small infants who can't be vaccinated anyway and the elderly.  And before the vaccine there were only 100 deaths yearly attributed to chicken pox.  That's a very small figure considering that's the population at large.  Children are more likely to die from accidents and adults from heart disease.  So what do you do if you develop shingles?  Well the vaccine isn't going to help you.  You need the immunogloban. 

4) I also went to the dentist.  My teeth are in really good shape except...I clinch them a lot.  The dentist suggested a mouth guard, but I don't think it will help.  I clinch when I'm awake not when I'm asleep.  I don't suppose there's a way to reduce stress.  You know like some pill I can slip into my family's drink to make my children stop screaming or bouncing off the wall or end my husband's diatribes.  I swear that man has a box somewhere where he keeps them.  I can almost predict what thing he is going to fuss about when he's the least bit stressed.  I've finally resorted to tell him to fill out a comments form because I've heard them so much.  And it's stupid really. 

5) I've gotten behind on my cross stitch, but I'm making devious plans to catch up on my blogging posts.  My next one will be Can Catholics be pacifists?  For a little taste, here's someone else's post.  

6) The car is in really good shape too, which is wonderful considering we will be treking across the country.

7) We've found a townhouse to rent in London, On.  It's a three bedroom and 1 bathroom with a finished basement and enclosed porch.  The bathroom may be problematic as my husband hogs the bathroom.  The upside is that I will have a washer and dryer.  So no more quarters!  The downside is that it probably doesn't have a dishwasher.

Tell 'em how you feel, son, about learning how to dry.
Yeah, I know.  But I'll get over it.  It's way easier than lugging around 7-8 loads of laundry on a weekly basis on top of dragging kids to the bank to get quarters because you can't get quarters from an ATM or from the drive-thru teller.  We don't know much about the place so we've finagled a 3 month lease in case we hate it.  Or in Hubby's case in case "it's too expensive".  That's a Hubby diatribe for you.  I swear if that man could squeeze blood from a turnip....and I thought I was super frugal.  You have no idea how many lengths he goes to.  Hell if it wasn't for me we'd be living in a walk-up high rise with two bedrooms and no in unit washer dryer.  Simply because "it's the cheapest place."  *sigh*

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