Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not Going to Push up Daisies

I've been following the lawsuits against HHS mandate.  It's been interesting to see the wide swath of people filing lawsuits from religious entities to religious owners ranging from Evangelicals to Mennonites. 

I've also been following the left's take on the lawsuits.  And so far they are under the impression that we (the religious) will lose.  I doubt it.  I think the left is delusional.  If the court cases end up at the Supreme Court, their luck is stacked against them.  One only needs to see the 9-0 decision of the Hosanna-Tabor Case to see that.  But I can see conspiracy theorists will say it's some sort of Papal Conspiracy because 6 are Catholic and that we intend to take over the country.  It's the same thing they said about Kennedy.

But I've been thinking even in the long shot chance the court decides to lean left.  And that is after-all a long shot.  What is it that we should do.  Push up daisies?  I think that's what lefties want.  But they don't know Catholics the way I know them and you know them.  Catholics don't push up daises.  We don't roll over.  We fight. 

I've also been watching the movie For the Greater Glory.  If you haven't seen it, you must.  I wouldn't watch it with small ones though.  It's on Netflix now.  The movie is about the Cristeros that formed after the President of Mexico in 1917, who was an atheist, started passing laws restricting Catholics.  In an ironic twist the Cristeros hired a Mason general to head the army.  His reason for doing so was for the money and because despite having no love for priests, he loved religious freedom.

In doing a little background research about the Cristero War, I learned that they actually used economic boycotts to try and sway the government.  It reminded me of Martin Luther King, Jr and the Montegomery Bus Boycotts.  And so I thought it would be a good idea.

So even if the court system fails us, Catholics can put enough pressure on Congress through means of economic boycott.  So how would this look exactly?  Well it would be slow and gradual adding on of things.

1) You would boycott all public transportation and set up ride-share programs instead.

2) You would avoid USPS and use Fed Ex or UPS (or some other competator) instead.

3) You would stop using libraries and parks.  I know a lot of churches that have play grounds that could be used instead of the public park.

4) You would stop using any muncipalties stuffs meaning no dance lessons through the city/county. 

5) You would only purchase what you need to avoid sales tax.

I'm sure there is other stuff but the avoiding public transportation and USPS (which bleeds every year anyway) would certainly wake up people.  That many Catholics boycotting (and other religious groups) is a lot of lost business. 

This would be in addition to standing beside businesses, etc and refusing to pay Caesar his "fine."  It would be a bit like the African-American Civil Rights Movement where people would peacefully refuse.  Call it the Religious Freedom Movement. 

But I'm doubtful it will come to that.  I just think it's pretty silly of the left to think that we are just going to keep taking a beating and never resist. 

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