Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick Takes- The "Offering it Up" Edition

1) So Wednesday I spent a great deal of time out of commission.  I was doing my pathetic attempt of offering it up for Dr. Gosnell's conversion.  It all started at a quarter until 5 when Knee woke up.  I was exhausted so at 7 when he fell by asleep I laid on the couch...except my stomach started hurting.  A couple hours later I was calling Hubby asking him if he could come home.  At about 3 or so I had my butt firmly planted into the floor surrounding the toilet.  At about 6 drowsiness took over and I was finally able to sleep.  Hubby is now also feeling bad.  We're quite a pair...him on the brink and me in recovery.

2) Anyone want to work on some Corporal Works of Mercy?  My children could use a bath, food other than nachos, a clean the floor, oh and uh tackle that mountain of laundry. (Update: I wrote this last night.  I was able to bathe the children this morning and feed the children better food a la McDonalds, don't judge they needed out of the house.  But the rest is still in dire need of aide).

3) It's hotter than Hades around here.  Monday it was 107 F/ 41ish C at 10:30 am.  People are swimming at night and no our pool is not a heated one.  It's so awful that my children sleep in just their diapers.  Although my oldest insists on using a sheet, he usually wakes up in a nasty sweat, crying, so I also have to use a fan on him.  This is all with the Air Conditioner set at 78 F/ 25ish C.

4) In the meantime I've been working on a cross stitch of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which I found online for free.  It's a bit hard to tell but the yellow is his collar, the white is his shirt, and the pinkish bits are the top of his heart.  I've found that the color schemes are so close together that it's easier to work on the collar and heart at night.  The shirt is easy stitching (you just keep count) so I work on that when the kids are around.  In cross stitch, you work from the center out.  The center was his heart.  The person suggests working a page at a time so this is page 7 (the center page).

5) HB has been very interested in my sewing and insists on pulling the needle for me.  He's also getting all imaginative.  He's been pretending to eat the food of his very hungry caterpillar game (next to Blue's Clues he is a VHC fan).  He also curled up in bed next to me and pretended to sleep complete with snoring.  Gave me the giggles.

6) Knee on the other hand is going through that phase.  The one where he wants to do something than throws a fit because you can't understand him.  Although his speech is improving.  He's also grown a bit recently.  I've had to dig out the next size shoes.  I hope he doesn't get so big that he ends up sharing closes with HB.  HB is a 3 T and Knee is 18 months.  HB wears a 9-10 shoe and Knee wears a 6.

7) So Hubby and I are diligently looking at housing.  And it's so funny because some relator we contacted was sounding a bit used car salesman like with his whole "stars aligning" bit.  I just hope that we can find something and fast because we have two days before Hubby has to go to work and that's if his work stuff goes through.

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  1. Aw sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you recover fully and soon. The cross stitch looks like it's coming along nicely :)


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