Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful (Vol. 2)

I'm not sure the people who are suddenly following me on GFC realize what they've stumbled onto.  I've been blogging for about oh, say four years and I'm now up to 20 followers.  There's a reason for that.  The title Diapers and Drivel doesn't just denote that I'm a mom, it also says that my blog stinks and usually I write a whole bunch of terribly boring, drively (or controversial) posts which really don't mean much to anybody but me.  It's not that people don't know I exist, it's just that they would rather pretend that they didn't know me.  I have issues with people socially.  It's okay.  You can "defriend" me.  I understand.  Plus my grammar is awful.


Ten Things of Thankful


1) Tron- I have a slight obsession with Tron.  The first movie is...meh.  Good I suppose for the 80s.  I was a young tot so I don't remember.  In fact I knew nothing of the series until Tron: Legacy in all it's smoking hotness came out.  So then I went back and watched the 1st to understand the second.  I had to buy a used copy because the library didn't even have it (or was it lost or something).   And now I'm digging Tron: Uprising under the cool vocal stylings of one Elijah Wood.  Did I mention I have a thing for nerdy men?  Especially nerdy men who taped themselves so they could get a part in a little series called Lord of the Rings?  Oh, dear.  We may need to call a medic.   Nerdiness.  Yes, I'm thankful for nerds.

2) Air Conditioning- If I haven't mentioned it yet, it's hotter than Hades.  Even hotter than nerdy men.  And I should know.  My husband is a scientist ergo total nerd.  May need to turn down the knob a couple degrees...

3) Bread- I am thankful we have it.  It seems we are always running out.

4) Nutella- To go along with my nerdy man drool.  And naturally I use the "it's protein because it's hazelnuts" excuse when eating gobs of it.  We all know it's mostly sugar.  But you can put that stuff on anything including bread....

5) Not having my face in a place not designed for my face- Despite not feeling completely myself, I'm getting mostly back to normal.  Which is why I'm sitting here typing up this post, craving nutella, and debating whether I watch the original Tron or one of my LOTRs set.  Either way...nerdiness is the best remedy for a stomach bug.

6) My oldest- Who has inherited his mother's dashing since of humor and gentleness.  On top of tucking me into his bed on Tuesday, today he opened the microwave and said "Ta Da...Biscuit!"  No, not cookie/biscuit more like the doughy variety that come in packages designed for use in a microwave to eat in the morning.  That kid...cracks me up.  And sometimes you have to be thankful that they can and do when you need it.

7) My children in bed asleep- So I can indulge.

8) My husband- Because he handles stress better than I can.  Which is why he does the taxes and I don't.  Plus he's more picky than I and so if he handles it, all the better.  Oh, and he's nerdy.  N.E.R.D.Y!  Good thing he's not around.  He may get goosed. 

9) Mass- I know.  I go from totally witty to totally serious.  But I notice life just goes soo much better for me if I go visit Dad. 

10) Libraries- Where one can check out books, cds, and flicks (with nerdy men in them) for free (unless you're like me and forget and end up with fines).  Tomes...tomes...


  1. My husband is a HUGE Tron fan, and I love it too!

  2. Hehehe I've never seen any Tron, but may now have to - you talk it up well.

    I'm glad you're feeling better (and as for nutella going on 'anything' - I can only hope that anchovies, beef, celery and escargot are all far from being included on that list!)

    Yay for mass :)

    Also, if you love nerdiness, have you checked out Al Yankovitch's song 'White and Nerdy'?

    1. Mmm...nutella and tastes like chocolate

    2. Hahahaha! White and nerdy is my husband's theme song. The last time he trained for a race, the only songs he had on his iPod were from a Weird Al cd.

  3. ... finally!! (granted it's a lifetime after the years of trying to get from one classroom to the other without being noticed by the: cool kids, the shop kids, the hippie kids, the AV class kids, the Chess Club...the Year Book....) but,

    nerd is cool?! damn!

    lol enjoyed your list and your Post and the (familiar) view of how cool it might be to be in a world were you belong but are different enough to be noticed by the computer-generated-hot-chick (Tron 1 especially)

  4. This was a fun read, you made me laugh. Being thankful that you no longer have your head in a toilet is absolutely finding reasons to be thankful in all situations! :-)) I'm thinking you should go with Diapers and Other Delights! It's not drivel if it's the bits and pieces of your life, and you write with humor and honesty... I enjoyed the visit! I have "social issues" too... that's the beauty of blogging - getting to know folks from the inside out from the comforts of home! :-)

    1. Sadly my social issues even follow me here

  5. Hi, couldn't get into Tron. I am more of a Star Trek fan. We have a lot in common though. Have you ever tried nutella and banannas on wheat bread? Now that is heaven and so quick to make. You would love it, if you love banannas. :)

  6. Sorry if I misspelled bananas or mispelled? :: LOL

    1. Bananas....theres no love between us. My dad doesnt like them neither does HB. Must be genetic.

  7. I've never heard barfing phrased quite like you did in #5, but I like it, I REALLY like it! Glad you're feeling better.

    1. Alas i cannot take credit. Its all bill cosby from one of his skits discussing drunk people.

  8. Your opening paragraph cracked me up and you're now up to 21. I am very glad to know that nerdiness is the best cure for a stomach bug and is it weird that I've never had Nutella? And cheers (because I can't figure out how to spell hallalluia and spell check can't figure it out either) to number seven because my little dude is sleeping as I type and I am so thankful.

  9. Air conditioning was #11, thus not making the final list. We only had 3 days so far that the air conditioning was used, yet I am still quite grateful.
    We always rack up library fines. It happens when six kids check out 15 books each. I consider it an investment in their education. Up until the point I get completely annoyed about paying for the 5th visit in a row.
    Glad you're feeling better. It is nice to have little ones who can "help" when you're feeling low.

  10. Hey,

    Love the post. It made me happy! Maybe that's what I should write next week, eh?

    My husband is a scientist too. I was a scientist too - but then I got smart - and got out - while I still had my sense. My husband is a little nerdy - I will admit, but he's getting moreso as he goes on in life. I'm sure he will be a full fledge nerd in a few years.

    I cannot live with out AC. AC and me are two of a kind, where one is, the other MUST be. Life in DC is horrendous for many reasons - but the top reason is the heat. I cannot stand it. When we moved into this house, it didn't have AC. No central AC, no house - that's it - that's all.

    So, AC happened!

    I have no clue what Tron is - so I have to trust you with that one. But that does look like - what's his name from Lord of the Rings? The little short stalky guy.

    Children in bed and asleep! Top on my list.

    Thanks for sharing!


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