Friday, June 21, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful (Vol. 3)

Seriously people?!  You're still here?  I think my head my explode from all the comments, but really I'm wondering about you people.  I've heard that the internet is THE hangout for the socially inept (who secretly want to be social studs) but I thought that was just rumor.  I'm starting to think that this is true.  Or conversely all the studies out there show that people down play their social ineptitude and say that they are "shy" when they aren't.  They are just self-conscious.  I am here by stating the truth.  I am not shy.  I am timid.  People make me nervous.  Mostly because I'm too opinionated not to offend someone at some point.  So if I royally piss you off, you can contribute it to my lack of social graces or Mittelschmerz.  Which ever you prefer.

Ten Things of Thankful

1) For finally (finally!) getting over this bug- This was the hardest-to-get-over bug I've had to deal with.  I'm so glad it's over.

2) A Townhouse-  Mostly because my husband can stop all his hand wringing about having two days to physically look at a rental before his start date and then two more days before departing for a conference.  All of which hinges on him getting his passport back from the Canadian consulate.  Now I get to hear about how much he hates moving.  And then possibly later about how he hates moving again (since it's a 3 month lease because we haven't seen anything yet).

3) Good health of my teeth- It's always nice not to have to be told to go back to the dentist for drilling.

4) Healthy car-  We only own one car and it's 6 years old.  It's going to be the only one we own for a good long while.

5) For giving up the cats-  While I miss them, it's making traveling easier.  I'm thankful that we had them, but I'm also thankful that we don't.  Does that make sense?

6) For my education- I've learned a lot over the years about leasing and being a landlord.  It's proven to be very helpful in renting in a foreign country because I've peppered that poor fellow with so many questions about Canadian rental law that I otherwise wouldn't have thought about had I not rented so much in the first place.

7) Play areas- This week I took full advantage.  There's a playground attached to the pediatrician's office and a play area at the car service area.  You have no idea how difficult it is to take kids some places.  People do not baby proof anything.  And then they expect kids to sit in a tiny area for hours without touching stuff.  They are insane.  I wish my pedi babyproofed more.  But that's okay.  I didn't like them that much anyway between the no breast feeding during vaccination and it's okay to turn his car seat around.  I'm so glad to be moving on.  Clearly they don't stay up to date on these things.

8) Parks- We're guessing that we will be within walking distance of a park.  Technically we are now, but it's hotter than Hades at the moment to the most safest one in walking distance.  The other park while closer makes you cross over the on/off ramps of a major interstate.  So I drive to that one.

9) Hubby- for acknowledging that the diatribes were getting to me and backing way the heck off....until today.

10) Knee- For making me laugh when he attempts to say "What's up?"  He's speaking English but he's very hard to understand at this point.  If it wasn't for him talking with his hands (gesturing,  not sign language) and saying "up" I don't think I would have figured out what he was babbling about.  Currently he also says eye and key.  His vocab is increasing on a daily basis.

This is a video taken shortly after Knee was born.  It's HB.  Now the thing is people get confused about the boys' age difference when they are looking at the year.  HB and Knee are 22.5 months apart.  HB was born in Jan of 2010 and Knee in Dec of 2011.  It looks like a year, but it's closer to two years.  Usually I tell people they are almost 2 years apart.  So as you can imagine in this old video HB's vocabulary is a lot better than Knee's is now, but Knee also has caught onto things faster.  It should give you an idea of what it's like talking to Knee.  My MIL shot the video so that's her voice.  And you may recall that I developed hives so naturally I look pathetic both from having just recently given birth and from constant itching coupled with baggy clothing and lotions.  Please excuse the appearance.

Oh, I figured out later that he wasn't saying catfood, but careful.  That's what it's like with Knee sometimes too.  Now I'm just more prepared to not second guess.


  1. I love your introduction to this post! Made me grin from ear to ear!

    Re: the teeth: I am SO glad about that, too! Going to the dentist is really horrifying so I totally get that!

    Your paediatrician sounds... um.. awful?

  2. I'm really pleased that the housing is working out and that you know the questions to ask - nothing more comforting than being as prepared as it's possible to be. And I guess good about the lack of cats.

    YAY that you're better. It sounds like you had a really tough time of it. I hope you recuperate very soon and get back to feeling 100%.

    Thanks for the cute video :D

  3. Parks and playgrounds is where it is at! When my kids were little, and I was looking for things to do with them, I was so glad to have the multitude of parks and playgrounds from which to choose. None in walking distance, but I didn't care.
    Glad you're feeling better, and that your housing is getting figured out. Moving is not fun, especially such a move as the one you are undertaking.
    Your intro cracked me up. I am in no way, shape, or form shy or timid.

  4. (...she's telling the truth about herself, ya know.*)

    I was going to suggest that you were a clark** on the basis of your introduction, but your very cool video has me in 'pause mode'... will have to wait on decidering.

    Good list...good post

    * lol a 'nearly' inappropriate use of the Comment space... but it's alright, Christine and me being co-hosts and all***
    ** in the personality schema of the Wakefield Doctrine
    *** damn! now I sound like one of that second group in your excellent introduction

  5. Congratulations on number two! Although moving really does suck (so I sympathize with your husband there), it's always so nice to get settled. Also? I'm jealous that your teeth are healthy. I've recently had some old fillings "fail" and they have to be redone. Gah. Play areas have been a savior for us this week as well! And haha to careful instead of catfood! Priceless.

  6. I love the video, and the way Knee is so mellow, quietly hiccuping while there is big brother chaos all around him!


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