Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful- Vol 4

So it's been a nutty week.  I apologize that I haven't responded to all of your kind comments.  I'll respond to two of them here.  Knee has always been a happy baby.  Only recently has he started the toddler tantrum and it's usually because doesn't understand possession and doesn't have the ability to effectively communicate.  HB has always been my tornadic kid.  He is getting better with age, but nearly every picture of him as a baby, he is crying.  Pictures of Knee involve quite looks and smiles.  To give you an idea of how different their personalities are, HB wailed during his first bath.  Knee sucked in air of surprise, but after I reassured him that everything was okay, he settled down and enjoyed himself.  It's just the way they are.

Clarks, rogers, and scotts...well, let me explain it this way.  My professor said I was an anomaly.  He said this "you know the answer, but you say it so quietly that nobody actually hears you."  Yep, that's me.  I really can't see myself fitting nice and snugly into anyone category.  Clarks like being inside their own worlds.  I do sometimes.  But I've been known to throw and go to parties.  Rogers like order and they like to follow in groups.  Me not so much.  If you see the state of my house, it is usually a wreck.  My husband is the roger.  I follow groups, but I also like to lead them too.  So Scott? um not really.  I don't really care to stand out or take major leadership roles.  I like being the vice prez or treasurer or something.  But that sounds like roger, but then you remember I am an older child so I take leadership roles too.  Ahhh.... Let me explain how I've had to tell my husband to operate.  "Since you are the picky one, you decide but stick to it and stop speculating your decision to death.  Furthermore there are certain roles I am definitely in charge of like child rearing and others you are like paper work especially taxes.  Okay?  I don't care what movie we go see as long as it's not a horror or crude comedy. Give me veto power but don't give me all the power."  I'm weird.  Maybe you've got a better way to peg me down, because I've never scored the same way twice on a personality or learning style test.  It's similar each time but yet different.  Maybe what I've got is very well assimilated multiple personalities.  That or I've assimilated my parents very well defined personalities.  My father is a roger and my mother is the scott.  My father's parents were clarks; my mother's were scotts.  Go figure.

Ten Things of Thankful

Okay, onto the Thankful things.

1) That my children are sleeping- Really.  It's been that kinda week with one night were I got no sleep.  They've been sick.

2) Free moving boxes- Awesome right?  Especially since a lady was kind enough to let us take more since she's moving in town and we're moving out of country.

3) Tylenol- Even though I can't take it, it certainly helps a small child feel better.

4) Law- Law serves to protect people.  It is awesome.  Although it can be judges misinterpreting it that can be at issue. 
HB took this picture of his dad.

5) My husband- He handles stress so much better than I.  Plus he's been missing work to deal with moving related stuff and to let me sleep.

What can I say.  He likes to vacuum. 

6) Knee- because he loves to help clean and is willing to brush his teeth.  See above about his personality.

HB playing with his peg saints and his Bible.  He's got quite an imagination.

7) HB- who is my budding photographer but also has accepted the role being a big brother complete with kissing owies and wiping his brother's boogers away. 

8) Family- Both our families are getting passports and my parents are crossing the border with us.  Not to mention that they've kindly consented to having mail forwarded to them or being a US contact.

9) Prayer- There were times this week where I could not sleep or even keep calm without prayer.  

10) Cool Weather- Hubby has said that they're predicting a new record of 119 F/ 48 C for our area tomorrow.  I'm guessing we'll be hunkering down and watching more kids videos while packing this weekend.


  1. I love to vacuum too. By far my favorite household chore.
    I have three kids and they are all very different, yet amazingly awesome. I'm not biased or anything.

  2. I love your photos! So cute that he likes to clean. Long may it last.

    Free moving boxes are the bomb! When we moved we had to go to the supermarket late at night and take their boxes from unpacking groceries and tape them back together to use. They're now languishing on the back balcony.

    Your families both sound awesome - I'm so pleased you have their help.

    No reason you can't be a scott with a strong secondary clark aspect (or vice versa). It's fascinating though, isn't it :)

  3. It fascinates me the way siblings can be so vastly different. So many combinations of the exact same DNA pool!
    I love it when kids choose to help clean. It happens less frequently as they get older, but it still happens!
    I love that HB kisses owies and wipes boogers. The wiping the boogers is huge!
    The Serenity Prayer is a great one to keep in mind most days of the week.
    Good luck with the packing. What a blessing to have relatives helping with the move!

  4. Sleeping children...always look like little angels, and it reminds us that they can be... sometimes! :-) Packing boxes are meant to be used and passed on, it's a really great help and I'm glad that happened! Please send little Knee to my house, he could vacuum cat fur from the furniture and floors all day every day and never run out of a job! :-)

  5. Please send Knee to my house to vacuum. Now would be good.


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