Thursday, July 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes- Scapular Inquiry Edition

1) A Few Quick Packing Tips
a) Pack heavy stuff in small boxes and light stuff in large boxes
b) Save yourself the headache and don't pack stuff in your dresser.  Remove the drawers when moving it, reinsert drawers, then tape them back.
c) If you plan on moving to Canada, get insurance before hand.  US insurance only counts if you are visiting not if you're moving.  Insurance is expensive in Canada so you want to prepare for this well in advance so you can try and save the cost will need all your insurance carriers that you've ever had to send in your driving records and you will need any dmv or dot from any state you've ever had a liscence from during the entirety of your driving history send them your driving records too.  Oh, and be prepared for all that info to be either archived or data dumped and so you can't even prove what you're saying. *sigh*
d) You will also need a driving history from your state just to get a full liscence in Ontario.
e) Look on Freecycle, Craigslist, or for listings of free or reduced moving boxes. 
f) They have netflix in Canada, but the online stream is a lot (lot) less titles.  May just want to use an American address.  You can still use the American version in Canada because of something related to travel.  Not sure if this is long term.  But lots of sites talk about "unlocking" it.
g) There's no Amazon on demand in Canada or Redbox streaming.  You're choices are limited to netflix, cable, or rabbit ears.
h) Newspaper is your friend.  But if you use actual newspaper with writing and stuff be prepared to have to wash your dishes after you unpack them.
i) Prepare your kids and your pets by getting medical records, necessary calming meds (pets not kids), and reading books about moving.  That way they know what to expect before hand and your not incurring international calls just to get stuff faxed.

2) Conversation Between Knee and Daddy at Bed Time

Knee saunters over to Daddy with a book.  Note:  Mommy usually reads the bed time story.
Daddy:  Oh, I see you've picked out a book.  Okay.  Go take it over to Mommy.  Okay?
Knee:  No.
Daddy:  Alright.  Do you want Daddy or Mommy to read you the book?
Knee:  Da
Daddy:  Okay.
Mommy:  Well he certainly knows what he wants.  Guess you're reading the story tonight, dear.
Meanwhile Knee is scrambling into Daddy's lap.

3) Scapulars
I've been interested in scapulars lately.  I don't have one.  I got one once for first communion and had no idea what it was or what it was for.  It wasn't until years later that it finally clicked in my head what that piece of plastic tied to another piece of plastic with two white strings must have been (it was a cheapy).  I know that some scapulars are for membesr of a third order only.  Obviously I'm not a member of a third order as I would already have a scapular.  So I've been looking into scapulars that any lay person can use.  I know some of them require "enrollment" which I don't quite understand and others only requiring a blessing from a priest.  So I guess that I'm curious and want to know what type of scapular you have if you have one.

4) Potty Training
I liked HB's school.  But there were definately parts of it that I did not particularly enjoy.  You have to understand that HB is my sensitive kid.  He's the type that when I got tired of his brother hitting me with a toy hammer, I feigned pain and sadness that he got upset too and both stamped around and banged his head on the floor.  I had to stop and talk to him about what I was doing.  I know that his school pushed him a lot.  And since I get HB and understand that he (like me) doesn't like to be pushed into anything at all, I was concerned that they were pushing him too hard.  This was both in the area of dealing with his feelings constructively and empathetically as well as making him sit on the toilet. 

I noticed that when we had a break before the start of the summer session, he started using the potty again as long as he was bottoms free.  Then when school started, he regressed.  And since he's away from school, he's also all on his own been using the potty again.  I'm starting to think that I should just keep him home this year and not put him into preschool.  I know he likes his teachers and all and mom's so fraking boring, but I think for the sake of potty training it's just better if he goes at his own pace.  That is to say he runs around my house in this horrible hot weather without anything on.  Naked as the day he was born.  Until such time as I can convince him to use underwear.  And by that I mean don't go in your underwear.

5) Did I mention that it's hot?  Yeah.  It's so hot that they've had to ground air planes.  I'm not kidding.  At certain temps it's too hot to fly.  You can read it here

6) I meant to do laundry this evening but it's so fraking hot and my mind is so muddled that I forgot.  I need to start guzzling more water.  Believe it or not if you don't drink enough water one of the things that most often happens is you start to feel tired even if you haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary to make yourself tired (like more exercising or less sleep).

7)  Anniversary- Sunday will be me and Hubby's 6th year anniversary and I have no idea what to do for him or get him.  I've even asked him for suggestions.  He's given me the typical male bedroom responses.  This year it's supposed to be iron so I asked him if he wanted an iron meteorite.  He told me no.  And it would have been a perfect gift too.  I should get him one anyway.  But later as it's just another thing to pack up and move.  Last year it was wood, so I put a picture of the boys in a wooden frame for his desk.  He didn't have one at the time.  He does have one iron meteroite in his collection already. 

What did I request?  A Cast Iron skillet since I don't have one and supposedly they are awesome for cooking.  That or a new set of knives.  We've broken sooo many that the block looks kinda sad actually.  But again after we move.

Happy Fourth!  Link up.

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  1. I enjoyed your post! I can't even begin to imagine all the little odds and ends you must remember and do for an international move. Hope all goes well!


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