Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chinese Hackers

This is the second time China has hacked my accounts.  The first time was one of my e-mail accounts.  Then another one (although I have no idea where it originated so it doesn't count).  And this time they hacked into blogger.

Okay Chinese people.  I know you hate Google.  I know you love to hate Americans.  And I know your dumb selfish Commie Government is paying you to hack into my accounts.

But you know with it.  I, nor Google, nor others like me will ever shut up.  So get over our democratic republic selves.  We will still boycott you and speak out against you and the atrocities your government does.  The fact that you hack and steal copyrighted material doesn't settle with me.  I will not stop talking about it until your government gets its act together.  Now grow up.

To the others who normally read my blog.  If I posted comments and they never showed up right or if my blog suddenly disappeared that's why.  It wasn't me.  It was some hacker in China who the Chinese government says it knows nothing about.  Yeah.  Right.

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  1. Wut? Wow! I guess you're 'dangerous to know'! Awesome. Keep spreading the word.


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