Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reporter Deltaflute on the Story

This is your reporter Deltaflute on the story where I believe that I am currently standing at the Vestibule of Hell.  I've managed to make it across the boarder with some sanity in tact.  I will be out of internet access starting tomorrow afternoon and ending whenever.  I've dealt with a broken down UHaul, two sick children one of which had a fever, and a plethora of other adventures including traffic cones and deer.  I'll be happy to share with you my 5-6 day adventure of driving once I've managed to reach Paradiso. 

In the mean time here are my tips for dealing with Canada.

If you plan on moving, you will need a place to reside.  You want that early so pick a place online.

Enter through Port Huron.  I hear Detroit is a nightmare and that those people are not nice.

Change your money at the exchange on the boarder.  You don't have to pay any additional fees just the exchange rate.

Make sure you have enough money in one currency to pay the toll.

Once you cross into Canada visit the customs office with all the necessary paper work including your employment info, a copy of your marriage license, passports, car title, and a list of all your personal goods including an estimation of worth. 

Once you have gotten your fancy visa stuffs go ahead and cross. 

Now to do anything in Canada you need to establish credit.  To do this you will need to open a banking account or some other account using one or two forms of Canadian id.  This is NOT your US passport.  You will probably need to get a SIN Card (Social Insurance Number) even if you don't qualify for the insurance.  Take all your boarder visa documents with you and find a local office. (this is subject to change as I have not had the pleasure)  You'll need exact cash.

Then go and get a driver's license.  If you brought your car, you will need that boarder info too.  And you will need a driving history from the US where your US license is issued.  Bring money and id.  (this is subject to change as I have not had the pleasure)

If you imported your car, you have 45 days to modify it to Canadian standards (daytime head lights that you can't turn off, etc)

Go to banking institution to set up an account and start a line of credit. 

Also set up your hydro (electricity) and gas.  Then set up internet and phone services.  Do this early because I hear it takes a couple days to get electricity.  Ridiculous really.

Pray that all goes well and that you do not end up at the mercy of your husband to drive you places.

I wish people would actually walk you through this process but since there are soooo many fraking exceptions I get more and more frustrated each step of the way.  I'm imagining it's like this for Canadians who come to the US too.

This is your reporter Deltaflute now back to you in the studio.


  1. HUZZAAAAHHH! You've done it. Hope all goes as smoothly as possible from here :D

  2. awww hope it gets easier goes smoothly from here out too!


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