Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful Vol 6

Ten Things of Thankful

1) Packing- As strange as it may sound, I actually like packing.  I find things.  Things that I just knew were somewhere but seemed to have misplaced like my car insurance cards, a check my MIL gave to us for Christmas (don't worry; I tore it to tiny bits), and 84 dollars in cash stuffed in various places not to mention all the pocket change.  It's kinda like Christmas.  Start packing a box and discover literally buried treasure.  Hubby is thankful that I'm packing as he has decided to deal with the furniture mostly.

2) Hubby- for taking the kids somewhere out of the house so I could make a sizeable dent to the packing.

3) Getting a lot of packing done- Today I was able to pack the office, deal with the clutter areas up high (because with two small children who can scale and who figure out how to get into most stuff everything must be high), packing all the decor including all the stuff hung on the wall (HB was sad when he came home to discover the wall clock was missing), pack most of the cook books, and pack up the in-tables of books.  Speaking of books, tomorrow's goal is to pack all our books and to pack up all the board games.  We don't have quite the collection of books that Considerer has because 1)not feasible to have that many books with four of us, 2)we use the library a lot, 3)I own a Kindle and my husband an Ipad so alota books we read are free e-books.  It's the same with board games.  The last time we moved I told my husband that it was time to pair down the collection.  Unfortunately now HB likes board games and comes with several of his own.  I swear a quarter of our shelving units are devoted to games.  *sigh*

4) Kindle- My kids play a lot of app games on it.  It's taken quite a beating (thankfully I have it in a hard plastic case and we have carpet).  I surf the web too much on it.  It does just about everything accept allow me to type up blog posts.  For that I have to use my crummy lap top with three keys missing including the 'r' key.  Somehow 'r' still works without it.

5) HB- Lately he's been such a softy.  He's been pretending to breastfeed his stuffed teddies and he's been kissing all over, hugging, and stroking his brother's hair.  Today he told him that he was a beautiful baby.  *sniffle*

6) Getting the visa and passport in- I can't tell you how unnerving it was waiting.  We were fearing being stuck at the boarder or hanging out with my in-laws for an indeterminate amount of time.  Thankfully that's no longer an issue. 

7) Potty training- It's such a slow thing going on around here.  I've been dealing with it for about year now.  And I think HB going to school made it worse, which is why I'm seriously leaning to keeping him home a year since he's been doing so well on his own.  We've had two accidents.  One he was having a bit of a cry and was tired.  The other he was playing and started to go and then finished in the pot.  Most of the time he just goes on his own as long as he's got nothing on his tush.  I also think it's helpful for him to know that he always has the option.  He will occasionally go and get a trainer on his own and put it on himself.  It's like he knows he'll have trouble that day.  The goal is to start getting him to go even when he has on underwear but I'm not going to try that until we've moved and settled.  He's so emotionally immature I think it would be too hard on him.   That's the thing you know with potty training.  A kid can be physically and mentally capable but if he's not emotionally able to handle taking on the responsibility it just won't happen.

8) Knee- I love Knee even though he's going through that toddler stage where he's all emotional and not logical.  It's hard on him (and us too) and I feel bad for him because it's so overwhelming at times for this normally happy baby. 

9) To be moving out of our apartment- The place we are going to be renting is a three bedroom townhouse.  It has a washing/dryer in unit (although no dishwasher).  Our current apartment drives me nuts.  I get to hear my neighbors upstairs vacuum, get up in the morning and open/shut drawers, take showers.  That's in addition to listening to the people getting sloshed at the pool at 1 am.  Or people fighting at 2 am. That's having my neighbors watch me lug around laundry.  Nor will I miss all the cats that prowl around at night some of which I know are some of my neighbor's animals.  We have lease laws, but nobody cares.  While I'll miss some of the neighbors we have made friends with, I won't miss living in this complex not one bit.  As we speak someone is outside shouting at someone screaming "Nooo."

10) Icecream- Ummm...coke floats.  *drool*


  1. YESSS to getting passports and visas through! What a nerve-wracking wait, because it's one of those things which has HUGE implications if anything goes wrong!

    The coke float at the end just looks wonderful.

    You deserve it after all that packing - it's an absolute nightmare! I'm glad I won't have to move again any time soon! Your new place sounds gorgeous. And even if it has its quirks and snaggles, it's Not Where You Are Now, and that goes a LONG way to covering over any new problems.

    It sounds as though both boys are doing well, and their sibling relationship's at a really sweet stage. Good for them.

    Thanks for sharing these - I'll keep praying as you move that all goes smoothly :)

  2. Good luck with your packing. You know, it's much easier to live without a dishwasher than a washer and dryer!

  3. Sounds like you are ready to go! Good idea on waiting on the potty training. I can't imagine such a big move while training a child. Ugh.

    $84 dollars?? That's a lot of dough stashed around your house. :) My dad would have a fit about an uncashed check. He gets on our case all the time for not cashing the kids' birthday checks in a timely fashion.

    Good luck with the rest of the move. I'm sure the passport arrival took a huge weight off the shoulders. (The better to pack and haul with.)

  4. OMG I HATE packing! I wonder that anyone can like it? But to each his own, right? :-)

    Your new house sounds so awesome - and even more awesome compared to the place where you live now!


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