Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful

I went to go look at Considerings blog and it has disappeared.  If she is noticing this right now, she's probably wondering desperately WHH?  Well, you've probably been hacked by China.  You should be getting a red bar across you're screen when you try and log in.  Click it.  Google forwhateverreason has decided that the red bar (which looks like an ad to me) is sufficient enough notice.  It will ask you if you've recently logged in from China and then it will ask you to change your password.  Might I suggest getting a password through a random password generator.  Or using the first letters of a phrase like "What the Hell Happened to My Blog?"  and making it look like WtHhtMB?  Makes it harder to hack. 

1) Fred Rogers- I picked up a book about moving from the library that he wrote, and for whatever reason it's made me feel teary.  Something about that man's calm demeanor, his love for children, his quarks, and his love of God makes me wish we had more people out there like him.  If you don't know anything about Fred Rogers, click here. He wrote his own songs and was a piano player.

Looking forward to seeing you when you come the next life.

2) Anniversaries- Tomorrow (the 7th) is our 6th year anniversary.  The 9th is my parents 36th year anniversary and at some point my in-laws will be celebrating their 42 anniversary (I can't remember which day).  We are an oddity.  The fact that hubby and I grew up with parents that are still married.  That we know who our parents are.  That makes us real oddities.  It makes our children oddities too.  Our grandparents also remained married until they lost their spouses.  In fact the only divorce I'm aware of in our lineage (outside of distant relatives) was with my great-grandparents who divorced most likely because my great-grandmother was cheating.  It's kinda a hush hush topic.  But needless to say, I like anniversaries.

3) Moving- sounds strange but nothing says "time to go through all your stuff and finally get rid of some of it" like moving.  It's very freeing.  I'm not big into clutter.

4) Music- without which I would be a totally different person

5) Packing Tape- I used coupons.

6) Electricity- for the air conditioner because it's been so hot lately that they've actually grounded planes.  See previous post.

7) Food- I consider us lucky to be able to get food.  No matter if you are living on the street there is always a soup kitchen or a church that will give you something to eat.

8) Technology- without which my children would never be able to talk and see their grandparents.  It has made it possible for them to know each other. 

9) Books- Through the power of words my children will be able to understand what's going on with moving.

I'd link up now, but the hostess's blog is well having issues.  I'll link up later I guess.

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  1. Sorry I missed you! I didn't see a red bar or have to change my password - Google said they'd detected 'unusual activity' and had suspended my account. I needed to verify it and then they just opened it again. I have *NO* idea what happened.

    Thanks for still doing your Ten Things. I'll try to have my blog behaving so you can link up properly next week, but otherwise, check as she also hosts :)


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